Thursday, September 8, 2016

The Complete Immortals Blitz


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All four books of The Immortals series in one boxset! Book One: The Immortals When demons refuse to play by the rules, all Hell will break loose. Colin and Anna have been hunting demons for a long time. But something is different in Baton Rouge. The rules are being broken and they're powerless against some of the greatest forces Hell can assemble. If they can't stop these demons from manipulating every rule of this war, then Heaven may lose the only battle that's ever really mattered. Book Two: Devil's Thumb After a fateful decision in Baton Rouge, Colin and Anna move to Boulder where they hope they will get some much needed time off from hunting. But the demons who wanted retribution in Baton Rouge have followed them, and this time, they're not alone. Book Three: Garden of the Gods An earth shattering discovery means that the stakes in this battle against Hell are higher than ever for the Immortals, especially for Colin and Anna. When the powerful demons who have been pursuing them are discovered in the Garden of the Gods, it will become a race for survival for the hunters who have now become the hunted. Book Four: Angel's Alley In the final book of The Immortals series, Colin and Anna return to Baton Rouge to confront the demons who are preparing to wage war against Heaven. But they soon learn war isn’t the only thing Hell has planned, and what Colin and Anna stand to lose is far worse than anything they could have imagined.
Read an Excerpt from The Immortals Book One:
Anna put her dress down and moved closer to him. Being an Irishman in London had become even more difficult in the past five years, and Anna knew what a toll it was taking on him. She ran a hand through his silky bronze hair and kissed him. “Are you done with your sewing then?” he asked her, and Anna recognized that tone, that smile. “For now,” she assured him. Just like last time, as Colin kissed her, he vanished, dissipated and the room became dark. But she wasn’t thrown into an eternally black abyss. She was alone in her apartment in Baton Rouge, except all of the windows were bricked, and the door was cemented closed. She pulled on the door handle, twisting and yanking, and when it didn’t give, she tried kicking the door and screaming, but no one came to rescue her. She was trapped. She checked each window for any brick that may have weaknesses and tried knocking them loose, but they were as tightly bonded as whatever was keeping her door closed. She dug around her apartment until she found her cell phone and kept trying to dial Colin’s number, but she couldn’t remember his number. Her contact list was empty. She wanted to call the cops, but her fingers kept pressing the wrong numbers and she’d have to delete them and start over, and as she tried to dial those three simple digits for the tenth time, she heard the scratching at her door. Something was out there. And it hadn’t come to rescue her.
When demons refuse to play the rules, all Hell will break loose.-2
Read an Excerpt from The Garden of Gods Book Three:
“That boss is most likely one of the fallen angels trying to kill us now, but yeah, unless we can figure out who it is, maybe not as helpful as we’d hoped,” Colin agreed. “Draw these markings for me,” Dylan said. “I haven’t seen them.” Colin found a pad of paper and tossed it to Luca who traced the markings down the demons’ backs, careful to keep them in the same order they appeared. Then all of the hunters gathered around Luca’s drawing and studied the sketches, which still didn’t resemble anything concrete. Andrew squinted at the drawings. Colin and Anna watched Andrew. He was suddenly far more interesting than Luca’s drawings on the notepad, because they suspected Andrew had grasped something each of them had missed. “Wait,” Andrew said, grabbing the notepad and turning it upside down. “They’re fairly abstract, but what if these are a locust, a scorpion’s tail, a crown, a lion’s tooth, and an iron breastplate?” Andrew looked up from the notepad because he knew the effect his words would have on the hunters. Luca looked at his sketches again then inhaled sharply. “Holy shit,” he muttered. Dylan looked between them, confused as to the sudden fear that had settled over the room. “What? Why are those things so scary?” Colin forced himself to look away from the drawings, not wanting to believe Andrew was right, but now that he’d pointed out the possibility, he couldn’t not see the markings for what they were. “Because,” Colin answered, “those are the marks of Abaddon. We may be fighting the Devil himself.”
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Meet S.M. Schmitz...

S.M. Schmitz has an M.A. in modern European history and is a former world history instructor. Her novels are infused with the same humorous sarcasm that she employed frequently in the classroom. As a native of Louisiana, she sets many of her scenes here, and like Dietrich in Resurrected, she is also convinced Louisiana has been cursed with mosquitoes much like Biblical Egypt with its locusts.
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