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Confessed by Eden Rose

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Book: Confessed
Series: Untold Stories #3
Author: Eden Rose


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*I hope you're ready for everything that you've been missing. Audrey and Damien are back and the stakes are a lot higher than before. I know you've missed the hotter than Hades sex and the equally hot men. Don't worry, I promise, you won't have to wait any longer. Damien and Audrey won't disappoint you. 

My name is Audrey and you've been following me. For the past five years, you have been watching me and waiting to find out what happens next. Your wait is over and its time to confess. 

It's time to confess everything that I've been keeping from you and all of those horrible secrets that could implicate me and my family. Everything that you've wanted to know and maybe some that you didn't want to know. 

Be careful what you ask for, because you just might get more than you wanted.

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“Tell me what you need,” he whispers to me.

In that moment. I knew exactly what I needed and it’s something that only Damien could give me. I need to be owned. I need the type of sex that is all encompassing and that will totally shut down my brain due to the pleasure. 

Deciding to bite my pride back, I whisper in his ear: “I have a place nearby.”

He kisses along my jaw and squeezes me tighter against him. Even though we are in a public place, and outside, I still feel so connected to him. It was like the last five years never happened. Those five years worth of heartache never took place. 

“What are you saying?”

“I want to fuck.”


Hearing her say those words to me is the biggest turn on I have ever heard. I knew I wanted to sink into her hot body when I first saw her across the room but I didn’t think she would ever want to be with me like that again. 

I hold her closer to me and grip the back of her thighs in my hands. I’m walking us back to my car and I hope she knows that I’m not letting her go this time. Too much time has passed and I’m not going to let it slide away again. 

“Where do you live?” I ask her as I open the door to my BMW convertible. Once it’s open, I slide her into the seat and she buckles up.

“With Garrett,” she says almost as if she’s embarrassed by it. 

Knowing that I live alone, I walk around to my side of the car and slip into the driver’s seat. The whole way to my house is quiet and I like it that way. I don’t want to fill the stale and quiet air with useless words that won’t help us in anyway. 

By the time I pull into my Victorian styled driveway, she’s looking around at everything. Since I remember how she operates, I know that she likes to be dominated and I miss exerting my control over her. I miss feeling as if I’m the universe to this woman. 

Selfishly, I know that I don’t deserve it. 

“Let’s go,” I say with power and pull the keys out of the ignition. As I walk over to her side of the car, I’m trying to settle my breathing. I’m so turned on right now and I don’t know if I’m going to be able to stop myself from coming before I even slide into her.

The walk from the front door to my bedroom is uneventful and I throw her on my bed with a thud. I have her naked before she can even blink.

My hand connects over and over to the flesh of her ass. 

I walk around the bed that she’s lying on and I pull hard on my dick. Her ass in the air with my hand prints highlighting her skin. 

“Please, Damien. Please,” Audrey begs me and shakes her ass gently in the air for me to see the highlighted reel of her ass. 

I can’t help but smile to myself as she begs me. She’s so fucking sexy when she does. It’s been five years since I have been inside her. Five years since I was able to feel her and taste her. 

So I have five years worth of time to make up for and I’m going to get off while I’m doing it.

“When I say now, I want you to back your ass into my face so I can suck your clit.”

She begins shaking and I can see her arousal as it floods out of her pussy and coats her lips. My girl still loves it when I talk dirty. Damn, she’s great.

I adjust myself into position and then slap her ass for good measure. Only because her ass is gorgeous and I can. Man, I fucking love this woman. 

Her juicy pussy lips were plump and swollen from the orgasm that I’m withholding from her. I’ve waited five years for her, she can wait until I allow her to come. Plus, I want her to squirt all over my dick. Audrey’s mewls and moans only spur me on to tease her even more.

“Now! Fuck my tongue!” I demand and I stick my tongue out in a spear to slip through her coated pussy lips. She tastes sweet and a little musky from me keeping her right on the level of coming. 

She’s fucking my face and my dick is painfully hard as it’s pressed against the mattress. He’s begging to come out and sink into her. I know it’s been a while since she last had sex because she’s greedy as fuck right now. 

“Please, Damien. Please. Oh my god. Please…” She begs and then lets out a deep bark of frustration. 

“Beg me,” I demand as I bite her pussy lip. It’s as juicy as the rest of her but I love that it’s all her. “Tell me how much you missed my dick, my lovely,” I taunt her. I suck her clit into my mouth and lightly bite the bundle of nerves that has her squealing.

“Fuck!” Audrey yells and begins to shake. Her delicious ass bumps against my face and I remove my mouth from her. “No!” She screams out in protest.

I’m a man on a mission. “Beg me. Tell me how much you missed my fucking dick or I won’t let you come. Do it!” I pick up my left hand and then drop it on her ass with a whack.

“God damn, you sadistic asshole!” She yells out and then pushes her face against the pillow to muffle her scream.

A feeling of accomplishment floods over me and I smack her on the ass again. “No need to flatter me,” I retort and bite her pussy lip again. This time, I suck both lips into my mouth and suck them hard enough to have her trying to move away from me. “Damn,” I yell out as her orgasm rushed out of her and she shakes all over. Her come floods my mouth and I push my dick against the bed. “You’re going to pay for that,” I whisper to her.

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About The Author

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Hello! My name is Eden Rose and it’s a pleasure to meet you. I have been writing for a long time and once I picked a topic, I couldn't stop writing. My books are very special to me because in some aspect I have had experience in the subject matter one way or another. I love reading romance but I like the main male lead to be a real bad boy, not one who thinks they are bad.
I live in Michigan with my husband and three fur babies! I can be found taking my dog for walks all over town or in a quiet corner reading. I have two degrees in history and criminal justice from a small private college in Michigan where I also joined a sorority.

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