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Kissing Mr. Mistletoe by Kate Kisset Blog Tour & Giveaway

  Kissing Mr. Mistletoe, Kate Kisset, wine country romance, holiday in the vineyard, Christmas romance 
Kissing Mr. Mistletoe, Kate Kisset, wine country romance, holiday in the vineyard, Christmas romance

  About Kissing Mr. Mistletoe: 
 You are cordially invited to spend your HOLIDAYS IN THE VINEYARD     Ever since his last remaining relative died, Country music star Trace Montgomery has avoided California, specifically his home town, Napa Valley. Trace can’t stand the memories.   Seven days before the holiday, he’s forced to return to wine country to sell the St. Helena Christmas tree farm he inherited from his uncle.   With his sidekick guitar Lola nearby, a past love, the one that got away, falls into his arms while trying to turn a vineyard bunny sculpture into a reindeer. Now, Trace can't stop thinking about her. He's making up naughty lyrics to Christmas songs...   Single mom, Monique Jacobson doesn’t have time for a bath, never mind a romance. She’s working hard to secure a promotion and pay raise from Santino Winery that will allow her and her daughter to move out of Nana’s little B&B.   St. Helena and Napa Valley hotels are booked for the holiday, and Monique finds Trace hold up with her and her daughter at her gran's Napa B&B for a Christmas in wine country. Will they rediscover the love they lost and rekindle Christmas magic under the mistletoe?   *Kissing Mr. Mistletoe is a standalone read. Although you may recognize some of the names, this Christmas gem features its own cast of lovable and sexy characters.
  Exclusive Excerpt:
She pulled a towel off the hook and reminded herself she didn’t have to fall in love with Trace again to sleep with him. Men managed to keep their hearts in check all the time. And so could she. After buffing her skin with a towel, she rifled through the bathroom closet and found the most expensive lotion she owned tucked in the back of the shelf. She slathered the cream over her body and the scent of white tea filled the steamy room.
Admonishing herself for the idea of hiding under her comforter, she gave herself a pep talk. When would she have the chance to be with anyone who used to be in love with her? Who better to satiate her loneliness and need for company than Trace?
Although her brain had prevented her from leaving her family and going on tour with him, her body would’ve jumped on board in a heartbeat. Although Monique couldn’t trust anyone in a long distance relationship after what Jarod did, she could let go of her anxiety for one night with Trace. Couldn’t she?
She slipped into a light blue teddy she’d bought on sale last year and had never worn. The silk fabric brushing against her skin felt decadent compared to the warm flannel she usually wore. Monique had saved the ensemble for a special occasion that never happened. It was the only sexy piece of lingerie she owned that looked halfway decent on her. After having Adele, her breasts and stomach never bounced all the way back.
Monique strolled to her closet and squinted, perusing her options. The teddy came with a matching cover-up. But she didn’t bother rummaging for it and decided to play it safe in case Nana or any guests were still awake and milling around. She pulled her trusty Santa bathrobe off the hanger and put it on. This time she didn’t tie the sash in a knot.
Giddy swells of exhilaration and nerves coursed through her veins. Lightheaded even though she hadn’t had anything to drink, she vetoed a second thought of chickening out and left the room.
Slinking quietly like the sex ninja she’d become, Monique tiptoed through the darkened hall into the living room. The crotch of her teddy was already damp between her legs from just the thought of making love to Trace again. Stifling a thoroughly inappropriate laugh, one that roared to the surface at precisely the wrong time when she got nervous, she checked the hutch for something to take the edge off. The lights from the Christmas tree illuminated the room enough for her to grab two glasses and a bottle of Michael Santino’s killer cabernet.
Her footsteps creaked up the stairs. Monique peeked down the hall, praying none of the guests would see her standing in front of the lavender room. She inhaled a deep breath, felt it shudder through her lungs, and knocked. When she exhaled, Trace opened the door.

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  About Kate Kisset: 
  Kate Kisset, Contemporary romance author 
Kate Kisset, Contemporary romance author Former San Francisco radio disc jockey Kate Kisset is passionate about telling great stories. After playing thousands of Pop, Country, Rock and Oldies tunes, for her primarily female fan base, she changed her tune and became an author. Just a Kiss is the first book in her Napa Vineyard romance series, The Single Girls Wine Club. She lives in Northern California and Santa Barbara with her family and rescue pup “editor” Luciana Parmigiana, where she hikes, reads, listens to music, and drinks wine. 
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