Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Wendy's Review: The Seamstress by Lynn Winchester


Kindle Edition64 pages
Published November 1st 2016 by Dragonblade Publishing, Inc.


Tilly Mosier has only ever had one dream…to not work in her family’s store. She wants to live her own life outside the shadow of her controlling parents. When she’s presented with the opportunity to open her own dress shop, Tilly finally thinks her life is on track for a bright, happy future.

Until Hank Bartlett returns to Dry Bayou.

Hank Bartlett was always known as one of the meanest little boys in town, and he was meanest to Tilly Mosier, the chubby little girl who always got under his skin. Sent away to medical school six years before, he’s back home to settle down and plant roots.

The only problem is that the woman he wants to plant roots with is determined to keep him at a distance. He can’t blame her; he’s never given her a reason to like him or trust him.

But he’s never stopped thinking about her, the one girl he’s always wanted for his own.

What happens when a woman determined to live her own life is pursued by a man who is determined to win her heart?

The second installment to the Dry Bayou series I waited patiently for, is here. I was thrilled to read the story of Tilly and Hank, the back story of their childhood leading to the present love interest. I was glad to see Lynn Winchester make her leading lady stand up for herself given the time era AND give a sweet plot twist towards the end, which I happened to think was a great turn of events. I enjoyed being thrown back in time, seeing the dusty streets and shops, cause that is certainly what the author does as she weaves her web to ensnarl you. It was a short read but fun nonetheless and leaves you thirsty for more in the Dry Bayou Brides series. 

I give a 5 star cause this author kept my attention from start to finish, I didn't take a break till the last words were read! Keep 'em coming!!

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