Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Sinister Sass by Lexi Thorne

Sinister Sass
by Lexi Thorne

As head of her quaint but powerful forest clan, Keira Blanco leads with strength and knowledge. A witch who specializes in nature magic, her loyalty to her clan is surpassed only by her love for Chayton.

Being second-in-command is a tough ask for an Alpha wolf shifter, but Chayton Mercer can defer to his lover in matters of clan politics. He saves his dominance for more intimate moments.
But the clan’s peace is suddenly threatened, in the form of the powerful Mistress Edrea’s Shadow magic. And these dark arts could threaten not just the strength of the clan, but the strength of Keira and Chayton’s love.

Author Bio:
I write sexy erotic romances with a focus in paranormal romance, dark fantasy and urban fantasy. The majority of my stories are about LGBT pairings but I also write about heterosexual pairings as well. The majority of my stories, however, are lesbian erotic romances. So if you like some girl on girl action I'm your gal. I write sweet and sensual, as well as rough and kinky so I should be able to wet all of your appetites and fulfill your explicit desires.


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