Thursday, August 31, 2017

Symphony of Power by Julie Morgan Sale Promo

On sale for $.99!!
Symphony of Power: a Chronicles of the Fallen story (The Symphony Series Book 2)
Kai finds himself on a new path; one that he must fight day and night for.
Having to overcome the loss of the Valkyrie, he longs for someone to sooth both him and is Oni demon. The path to love for Kai is about accepting something that he had no idea he needed; a triad with him, Felix and a willing woman.

Felix didn’t have time for love, feelings, or anything of the sort. This idea of Kai’s couldn’t come a worse time. Just when he lets his guard down to feel something, to let two of the closest people in, his pack is attacked. Now, all three of them must to fix what was broken and take the target off the back of the Oni.
Angelica had her work cut out for her being both bartender and banshee. She’d always fantasized about being in the middle of the demon and were-panther, but she never really thought that was a possibility. However, now the tables have turned and the offer has been put out for the taking.
The three must come together as one to heal what has been broken, or else everything will fail.
(can be read as a stand alone)

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