Monday, April 30, 2018

Alisa's Review:Born with a Silver Moon by Milly Taiden

Born with a Silver Moon by Milly Taiden
(Paranormal Dating Agency #15)


Kindle Edition158 pages
Published March 16th 2018 by Latin Goddess Press, Inc

Discover a brand new race of Alpha males ready to find their mates in a dangerous warrior planet. Sassy women traveling with Gerri Wilder are in for the journey of a lifetime and a mate that will love them through the galaxy. Are you ready? 

Grab the next Galaxan romance between a sexy warrior and his fiery mate. 

Attention is something Riley Parks usually shies away from, but when she finds herself on a shifter planet in a distant galaxy, attention is exactly what she's getting. Especially from one smokin' hot hunk of a man. Jag. The man sends her body into heat and her mind to a scramble whenever he's near, but she's not having it. No way. A little taste might not hurt, though, right? 

Royal prince, warrior, and womanizer, Jag Kasaval has his sights set on Riley. She turns his world upside down and his inner lion is clawing to claim her. Not used to rejection, he's willing to do anything to get his mate. What he didn't expect was a feisty hellcat waiting to be unleashed beneath her quiet exterior. 

Riley and Jag are thrown together to help plan a royal wedding and coronation. She refuses to admit Jag is exactly the man she wants, even if matchmaker Gerri Wilder says it's in the cards. In the midst of palace intrigue, Riley's swept up in scandal and danger that drags her beyond the Galaxa she's come to know. With her life in the balance, Jag will have to find her before it's too late or lose her forever. 

I do enjoy this series. And I love this author.
ok, with that said,
I have mixed feelings about this book. I enjoyed it. But at the same time it didn't hold my interest.
I mean, when I would sit down and read I was good, but it would take me a bit more time to pick it back up when I had free time.

I loved that Riley didn't just fall into Jag's arms right away. She made him work for it, but then she wouldn't leave his side.
This has the classic part where someone is in trouble and the shifter comes to the rescue. But with Paranormal Romance, it is needed in a sense.
And honestly this book wasn't all about Riley and Jag, it does go back to Ivy and Vander often as they are planning the wedding and coronation.

Bottomline, its a good book. 

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