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The Shifters Spell by Kathy Kulig

Dark Realms, Book 4
By Kathy Kulig, NY Times & USA Today bestselling author
Genre: Sexy fantasy/paranormal, romance
Released Date: February 2018
Number of pages: 101
Word count: 28,000
Tagline: A shapeshifter in search of a mate. Can he claim her before it’s too late?

Passionate. Magical. Suspenseful 

A shapeshifter in search of a mate. Can he claim her before it’s too late?

Tortured filled centuries passed while Rory Donovan waited for the opportunity to escape the shackles binding him to a world where demons rule. Finally, under the Samhain blue moon, he’s given one night to break the spell, but the odds are stacked against him as he must find a human within the forest boundaries and win the trust of the human’s heart.

Escaping her life was Carolyn’s plan for the weekend. She never feared nature, so camping in the deep woods under a star filled sky is a source of peace and relaxation, right up to the moment her gaze met Rory’s over a roaring fire. She’s met other campers on other explorations and invites the guarded stranger into her camp. The handsome man enchanted her interest with a mysterious tale of ancient stone circles and dangerous, supernatural energies between worlds. Magic powers or not, and despite her unease, she desperately must know more about Mr. Mysterious and the stone circle, to her detriment. 

Once Rory has his beautiful prey within his domain, can he convince her to participate in a perilous ritual that will save his life and change hers forever? 

This heartbreaking love story is a stand-alone paranormal romance with lots of steam, shifter fun, magic, scorching love scenes and action adventure.

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She handed him the tea, then sat. “Okay. The Druid Circle is dangerous because of these ley lines. Explain.” She crossed her legs, facing him on the log, sitting very close.

He wanted to pull her over his lap into his arms. Better yet, he wanted to taste her mouth, her neck. If dreams were reality, he’d drape her with the warmth of his nakedness. Then savor every inch of her skin, beginning with her breasts and continue moving down. Thoughts of pleasuring her with his mouth aroused him.

Stop. Do not think of this now.

Ah, yes, this be the time to break the curse. No wonder his manly drives were getting the better of him. He leaned on his thighs with his forearms to hide the bulge in his pants. No need to scare the lass. If she saw that, she would most likely send him on his way.

“Tell me about ley lines,” she said.

A serious one, she is. “Yes. Ley lines. They’re paths of unknown energy that run straight through the earth. There are cool vortices, the magnetic energy and the hot vortices, the electric. When they intersect they become a doorway to other realities.”

She stared at him for a long moment, blinking. “Is this supposed to be some metaphysical theory, or just a campfire story?”

“It be the truth.”

“I think I read about this. I wonder if that’s how people disappear in the Bermuda Triangle,” she said.

He shrugged. “There are magnetic and electric vortices—very powerful ones at the Druid’s Circle. 

And this is the time that the two intersect, creating a doorway to another place.”

“A doorway to where?”
“Don’t know—anywhere, anytime. The universe is constantly moving and so do the intersections of these vortices.”

She nodded. “Then it stands to reason that the places where these doorways lead also change.” Carolyn put her tea cup down and straddled the log. “So these people who keep disappearing from the Bermuda Triangle could be all over the universe.”

“All over the universe, at different times or different times on Earth too.”

“Wow, that’s fascinating. Cool theory.”

“It’s not a theory.” He hadn’t gotten his point across how dangerous the ley lines were. She’s curious about them, not frightened. Not good. The whole idea was to keep her away from the circle until the eve of Samhain. He couldn’t risk her going there before then.

“How do you know these ley lines are at the Druid’s Circle?” she asked.

“The Druids who built them used dousers or those who had the Sight to find them. The Druids then built their circles along the ley lines. Usually the lines are either hot or cold, but this area has both. Occasionally, the lines cross within the circle and that be when it’s most dangerous.”

Her leg touched his now. Did she realize what she did to him? Or was she so interested in the story that she wasn’t aware. With every stroke of her knee or thigh against his leg, his groin throbbed. Ah, he could take her to his bed tonight. No. Too soon. He must wait for the ritual if she be the one.

“What about other stone circles, are they built near ley lines?” she asked in all seriousness.

“I think some are. The Druids, or whoever built them, may have understood how to use the energy safely,” he said. “The Sidhe understand how to manipulate the energy to some degree.”

“These ley lines are why the circle isn’t safe. You can’t go near it either.”

“Oh no, I go there all the time.”

She rolled her eyes. “Then it must not be that dangerous.” She smiled. “Caught you.”

“I tell you no joke. I know the circle. Trust me. In a couple of days, I can take you there myself. It’ll be safe then.”

Her amusement faded, and he feared his welcome had too.

“I know you believe I be playing some prank on you, but I’m not, Carolyn.” The wounded look in her eyes crushed his heart. How could he make her understand the dangers without forcing his powers? He’d already used a little of his Glamour to stir her interest, but he felt guilty enough about that. With only three days left, he may not have enough time to convince her.

“I believe that you believe it,” she said softly.

He smiled at that and the sparkle of amusement in her eyes gave him some hope. Although, he was not sure if she was humoring him. She could be a willing participant for the ritual, but did he have the right to place her in such risk?

She was his only hope. After three days, he’d have to wait another eighty years before he would get another chance.

He gently touched her shoulder-length hair. “It’s the color of a fawn and just as soft.” And smells of sweet citrus and wild flowers. He raised her hand to his mouth and lightly touched her fingers with his lips. “It’s late, I should go.” He released her hand and stood.

“Yes.” She stood, searching his face as if she wanted to say something more, or do something. Her breasts rose and fell with each breath. Her lips parted. He leaned closer, inches away. With a little nudge of his Glamour, he could make her kiss him. Her eyelids fluttered. She was strong, resistant to his power. He sighed, his warm breath on her neck made her shiver. 

Standing this close, he could smell her arousal, feel her heat. Good, she was responding to him, but he had to be careful not to scare her off. He sensed her desire, but he must wait. 


Books in the Dark Realms series: Dark Worlds of Supernatural Heroes, Who Haunt Us, Hunt Us and Hunger for Us





More books to come…

*All books in the Dark Realms series are individual and stand-alone stories.*

About the Dark Realms series: A collection of sensual romance novellas and short novels with supernatural heroes and fantasy elements. Shifters, space and time travel, witches, and perhaps a vampire or ghost in the future. They can be set on Earth, on another world or with in another dimension. With out of this world heroes who haunt us, hunt us and hunger passionately for us. Each book is a complete and individual story. No cliffhangers!

About Kathy: New York Times & USA Today bestselling author Kathy Kulig is known for her erotic paranormal and contemporary romances that are passionate, engaging and emotionally intense. Kathy has been praised for her “excellent storytelling with a brilliant eye for detail” by Romantic Times Magazine. She began her writing career in journalism, publishing articles in magazines and newspapers. Kathy has been featured or quoted in the Chicago Tribune, Writer's Digest, Romantic Times Magazine, USA Today HEA, Bustle Magazine, Florida Weekly, and appeared on several radio shows. For more information, please visit
Some on her fave things: walks on the beach, traveling, curling up with her Kindle, binge-watching Netflix series and having dinners out with her amazing husband. She lives in Pennsylvania in a 100-year-old Victorian house with a garage built out of reject tombstones. 

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