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Ruin: The Judgment by Lucian Bane

Ruin The Judgment
Ruin The Judgement Cover
Lucian Bane
Paranormal Romance Series
Book 3
Oct 24, 2014
Ruin wakes up on Earth knowing only one thing: to Judge and Execute.
As an Angel of Judgment with no memory of his origins and no ability to communicate, he seeks help from Isadore, the first human he comes into contact with. Without realizing, he binds molecularly with the OCD Neuroscientist, and slowly becomes permanently attached to her.
But, there is a mission he's sent to accomplish and it isn't about Isadore. Or is it? Something about the eccentric and beautiful woman seems to be preventing him from remembering what he must do in order to complete his task on Earth.
In the breathtaking third book of the Ruin Series, The Judgment, Ruin tackles missions designed to bring him face to face with the answers he desperately needs. Soon, however, he discovers that the clues he gains to unravel the mysteries of his mission will declare war on his heart and soul.
Ruin will have you hooked. This series is sexual, spiritual, romantic, funny,and truly inspiring. You’ve never read anything like it before. Best selling author Lucian Bane takes the popular paranormal romance genre and spins it on its head as only he can do.
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“You’re quiet,” Ruin said, wishing she was just a bit closer. She didn’t answer and Ruin grimaced when the coordinates on his assignment bit into his ribs telling him they were close. Where could they possibly be going? “Are you thirsty?” He was ready to stop and find a reason to get near her before the assignment. Something said this homework wasn’t going to be easy. Still no answer from her. “Come on, you’re not going to talk to me? Ever?” “Why should I?” she mumbled. “Well, I was more helpful than this on your assignments.” “You do not need me and you know it,” she muttered again. He took a deep breath, glad the following was true and even said it with pride. “I do need you.” “No you don’t,” she said, positively. “Yes, I do.” “No. You don’t.” “Yes. I do.” “No you don’t.” Her quick response and monotone said she was prepared to repeat it another thousand times, no problem. Ruin shook his head. “You’re so damn obstinate. And for what? Because I don’t know what love is? Are you sure you should fault me for that? Seeing as I’m not really human?” She gave a light miffed noise but he sensed an advantageous break in her wall. “I assure you if I were entirely human I’d know what it is you think I should know.” “What should you know?” She looked at him now. “Say it.” “What love is.” She squinted her eyes and turned away like she’d expected him to have a hard time answering what it was that he didn’t know. “Don’t you see that because I have no issue saying I don’t love you it’s actually a good thing?” She did that head swivel thing again, squinting at him. “Come again?” “I mean if me not knowing love was bad, then I’d know it if I could.” She turned her squinty gaze forward. “Wait… so it’s good that you don’t love me because if you did, it’d be bad?” “What? No. If it was bad that I didn’t love you, I’d know. I don’t feel like it’s bad.” She gasped. “Well I feel like it’s bad! What about how I feel! Is this all about the awesome and powerful Ruin with the endless muscles and-and sexy green eyes and wiley ways with women?” He couldn’t keep from smiling and she jabbed a finger at him. “And then you laugh at those misfortunate enough to be ensnared by your sick bag of tricks, laugh at people who are…” She turned toward the window and Ruin wanted to stab his eyes out at the way her voice went hoarse and she couldn't finish her words. “Isadore, I am sorry that you’re hurt. I wouldn’t say that if I wasn’t, you know that.” “Well whoop tee doo,” she barely managed in a tiny voice. “You’re sorry. You’re sorry that my heart is ripped into a bazillion pieces and thrown in the trash.” “Angel,” Ruin whispered around the stabbing pressure in his chest. “I don’t like that I don’t love you any more than you do.” “Stop!” she gasped, looking at him like he was a monster. “My God, stop saying it! I can’t stand it. I’d rather be shot in the ear than hear it. At least then I might actually die instead of having this stupid hole in my chest that doesn’t bleed, it just sits there like a stupid hole with no reason but to… make me wish I was dead.” “Jesus—“ “Don’t you dare say that name to me,” she shot out, “you don’t even believe in God.” She jabbed her finger repeatedly, as though realizing something. “And that is no doubt why you are broken, mister. You are broken because you are defiant against God.” She nodded incessantly before turning away with a tiny squeaking, “And here I go falling in love with you.” She tossed her hands in her lap. “Falling in love with a broken angel, that’s me. Can’t do anything right, always manage to find a way to fuck shit up.” She wiped her face with the back of her arms. Her pain was suffocating him and he rolled down the window to breathe around it. “How is it that I hurt the one I need to protect more than my own life?” he wondered to himself. “Like a puppy, that’s what I am to you. A clown puppy. Pathetic and weird who likes to mop her problems out, and dissect mice brains and say it’s to help save the world when really it’s to try and figure out what’s so wrong with me that nobody can love me.” “Fuck, Isadore! Stop!” he gasped. You’re so wrong.” But so much of what she said was true and frustration to analyze which, tore him. “I don’t even like animals!” “Oh,” she cried lightly, flopping her hands again, “and he misses the bloody point.” “Well quit saying things that don’t apply.” “Well I thought you studied your goddamn idioms!” The words growled out like a rabid dog as Ruin pulled into a parking lot. “Now, what are you doing?” she whispered pitifully, wiping her eyes, looking around. “This is it.” “A…retirement home? A retirement home is your assignment? Are you supposed to kill old people or something?” Like she’d lose her mind if that were anywhere in the assignment. Too bad he was sure it was. 
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She slid the lock open and Ruin shot  
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