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Venice Ink by Lili St. Germain

Venice Ink by Lili St. Germain

Cover Reveal and Pre-order links!

I'm THRILLED to share this story with you! Elliot's story features as one of ten alpha-centric stories in the Owned Anthology, which releases on November 10th. This is the ONLY place you'll be able to get Elliot's story :)


Six years ago… Elliot’s world changed forever.
He couldn’t walk away from the girl who was at death’s door, the girl who was being pursued mercilessly by the men who’d failed to finish the job they started when they attacked her and left her for dead. The Gypsy Brothers.
He stole away with her, into the night, throwing away a promising career in the LAPD in the process. He never once regretted the things he did to protect her, to give her a second chance at life. He loved her even as she consumed his universe.
But in the end, she became his poison, his darkness, and so he left…
He drove away, and went back to where it all started. Venice Beach. The place where dreams are broken, the place where power is measured in drops of blood.
He swore he’d avenge her past, but life had other plans.
Because nothing lasts forever … not even ink.

Pre-Order Links 
These will take you to the Owned Anthology pre-order pages, which Venice Ink features in alongside ALL NEW works by Callie Hart, Lilliana Anderson, Pepper Winters, Nina Levine, Lyra Parish, Jani Kay, Chelle Bliss, Lila Rose and Lesley Jones.




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Q: How long is this story?
A: Venice Ink is roughly the same length as a Gypsy Brothers instalment.

Q: Will this be available for sale elsewhere?
A: No. If you want to read Venice Ink, grab it in the Owned Anthology (only on sale for a limited time, pre-order links above).

Q: Will you eventually give Elliot his own series or stand-alone novel?
A: I'm toying with both ideas at the moment. I can definitely tell you that YES, Elliot will get EITHER a serial series like Gypsy Brothers OR a stand-alone novel. Which one, I haven't yet decided :) It won't be until the last half of 2015 as I have plenty of other commitments between now and then, but I'm super excited to bring you more of Elliot's story nonetheless!

Q: If I read Venice Ink, will it spoil One Love and vice versa? Which do I read first? 
A: You can read them in ANY order you like. Venice Ink does NOT contain spoilers for One Love. Similarly, One Love does NOT contain any spoilers for Venice Ink. They can be read independently of one another in any order you like. Venice Ink can actually be read completely independently of the Gypsy Brothers series.

Q: So, you've got Elliot's story… what about Jase? Or Dornan? Do we get to see more of them?
A: Dornan absolutely gets his own book (actually his own three-novel series, because hell, he's Dornan Ross! The Cartel Trilogy is being released by HarperCollins in 2015, with the first book, CARTEL, available in January. Check out my website for more on Cartel).
As for Jase, I don't have plans to write any more about him outside of the Gypsy Brothers series. Sometimes, you have characters that speak to you, and sometimes, they like to remain a bit of a mystery. Jase so far is playing his cards close to his chest. If he starts yelling at me for shelf space the way the rest of them have, I'll absolutely write something from his point of view.

Q: Is Venice Ink as dark and twisted as Gypsy Brothers?
A: No. Elliot's a much different character to Juliette, Jase and Dornan, who are really the three main characters in the Gypsy Brothers series. Elliot is much funnier, much more sarcastic, and he's one of the nice guys - he's seen bad things, but he's still far enough removed to know right from wrong.

Q: Will there be revenge? Hot sex? Tattooed Guys?
A: Ummm…. YES, YES and YES! :) 

*Materials transferred from Lili St. Germain's newsletter.*

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