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Ruin Revelations by Author Lucian Bane Blog Tour & Review

Ruin Revelations by Author Lucian Bane
Paranormal Romance
Ruin 2 cover
Ruin is a being sent to Earth to Judge and Execute. At least that's what he thinks. In this part of the journey, he must tear down Isadore's walls that are perverting his judgments. But with every bad judgment comes a price to be paid. And if Ruin doesn't get a hold of his powers, judgment is coming for them.
Lucian' Bio
I'm not normal.
Now that the elephant is out of the room, let's get to know me a bit. I started out writing quirky Vanilla erotica with BDSM sprinkled in the mix and while I had an important message I felt necessary to convey about the dark and mysterious lifestyle, it is not my choice of genre to write in. Turns out Paranormal Romance seems to be. I just felt that click when I caught the inspiration, the promise of hidden worlds explored. Like when you're shopping for the perfect running shoes, and you find them and think, here they are. I can run forever in these. That's what the paranormal feels like, only a pen, in my grip. I can write forever with this.
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“Why are you wearing those, it’s not that bright in here.” “What, my shades? It’s bright to me. You don’t like my shades?” She sounded shocked. “I don’t like not seeing your eyes.” She gave him a smile that reminded him of everything he really needed not to think about until he dealt with that wall. “You like my eyes?” She kept that irresistible smile as she drove with gusto out of the parking lot. Flowers and funerals popped into his mind when she skidded to a stop just before slamming into a passing vehicle. “Yeah, can I drive?” “What? Why?” She popped the clutch and the truck darted out onto the paved road. “I just want to drive, I need to learn.” She laughed a little and shook her head. “Come on, you can do it.” “I can do it?” “Yes, you can trust me.” “Trust you behind the wheel of a vehicle when you’ve never driven?” “You know I learn fast. I haven’t even driven and already I can drive better than you.” She choked out a laugh. “I’ll prove it to you, pull over.” “No, I’m not pulling over! I’m a great damn driver!” “Watch it!” Isadore jerked the wheel and narrowly missed a head on collision. “You did that! Stop talking to me while I drive!” “Pull over.” Isadore slammed the brakes and bags hit the floor. She gasped as she pulled off the side of the road. “You’re making me!” “Yes, I am. I don’t feel like dying before I do whatever it is I’m supposed to do on this planet.” “You cannot just do that JD!” “Don’t call me that or you’ll find your tongue obediently sealed to the roof of that pretty mouth of yours.” Another gasp. “I don’t know who or what you think you are, an-an, a supernatural being—” “Oh, I’ve been demoted.” “Demoted? What—” “You were about to call me an angel then changed your mind. You said an-an then went with ‘a’ because supernatural doesn’t go with ‘an’ like ‘angel’. And by your jealous God, do not lie to me.” Ruin got out of the truck and headed to the drivers side. He opened her door and she sat there with her jaw hanging still, and oddly enough, Ruin’s body recalled her mouth in that position when he sucked her pretty clit. He let out a gasp and lowered his head, amazed with the amount of heat the thought slammed him with. “Move over Isadore.” “Or what?” Power rippled through him as he brought his gaze up. Harness it. “Isadore?” Her jaw clamped shut and she yanked her shades off and let him see her eyes, see how angry she was. He’d be glad when she remembered what a fucking turn on that was with him. Oh wait. She did remember. And was provoking him. He jabbed a finger at her. “You are begging me take your clothes off and open those pretty legs and bury my mouth between your perfect lips, aren’t you?” Shock, fear, and desire replaced her anger and Ruin nodded at seeing it, satisfied with that correct reaction. She scooted over quickly. “This is like rape you know,” she hissed. “Forcing people to do things is wrong.” “Yeah?” Ruin climbed into the vehicle, oddly familiar with the feel as he shut the door and put on his seat belt. “I’ll remember that next time I force some bastard to stop hurting you.” “Now, that is different!” “How?” “This is not life and death!” He angled a humored look at her. “You distracted me!” “You’re reckless. Now put your seat belt on.” Ruin checked his mirrors and waited for her to obey then tore out. “Ohhhh my God, I’m reckless?” she shrilled, holding on to the door. “Yes, you are. This is me going the speed limit.” “In five seconds?!” “It doesn’t say how long you have to take to get to that speed.” “It’s not safe!” “Isadore, I’m sorry for making you stop but you shouldn’t be behind a wheel in your condition.” Her rage kicked in and it hit Ruin’s cock with a painful throb. “What condition!” He tapped his temple. “Your wall sweetheart.” “Do not call me that you motherfucker! That is not a condition that is… that is… not a condition. “What is it then?” “Probably you.” “Me? God you’re killing me, stop.” “I’m killing you? You’re eyeballs have walls in them, not my brain!” she rapped a finger on her temple. “Isadore, I’m telling you, warning you, your anger is too much for me.” Ruin quickly rolled down his window to get away from the smell of her fury. When had it become the greatest weakness linked to his cock? “My anger is too much for you?” “Stop repeating me and calm down.” “I will not fucking calm down, how about you stop this damn truck now, I’m not going another fucking kilometer with your ass.” Ruin slammed the breaks, sending bags flying to the floorboard again. He pulled off the road, undid his seat belt, and pulled Isadore to him by the legs. “Take off your fucking clothes, now.”    
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 Oh my, Ruin has officially rocked my world. I loved Ruin The Waking but Ruin Revelations totally RUINED me. I have never been a big paranormal fan but Lucian Bane is slowly changing my mind about the paranormal romance genre.
Ruin is not of this world; he is bossy, funny, and totally honest. He takes Isadore on a road trip that is off the charts. Will he be able to get to their assignment without chasing Isadore away? Will Isadore manage to face the wall that she has put up for so long? And the biggest question of all, What will Ruin have in store for us next?

I don't want to give anything away because you will want to tackle this series yourself. There is lots of sass, a couple "Oh sh*t, did he really go there" moments, and tons of steam! There are quite a few side characters in this one that make it a little bit hard to keep up with all their names, but they work and that is all that matters.

I didn't know what to expect when I started Ruin Revelations. The Waking left me wanting so much more of Ruin and Izzy's story. Mr. Bane did not disappoint. He took me on a wild ride that I didn't want to end. With his quick whit and teasing yet steamy scenes Ruin is making me a paranormal believer.

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