Friday, March 4, 2016

Blue Room Confidentials by Kailin Gow

Blue Room Confidentials Vol. 3 By Kailin Gow
From the award-winning author of The Protege (NIEA Winner 2014), SESSIONS Series (Optioned as a tv series), and the author of over 15 steamy romance adult thriller series , full list found at, comes, The Blue Room Confidentials.
Something is sinister at The Blue Room, the most exclusive gentleman's club in Los Angeles. Having been called in to help figure out the strange occurrences at The Blue Room, including an unsolved murder, billionaire Xander Blue is again drawn into the seductive nature of the luxurious club, his half brother Clarence created to fulfill the fantasies of the most powerful and wealthy men in the world with the finest wines, foods, accommodations, and exquisite women known as The Blue Girls.
Staci Atussi, a former Blue Girl, has left to begin a new life following the discovery of her true identity, but a new girl has joined, who is nothing like Staci. Jaymie Wakely is as brash and bold, as Staci is refined. She is also a tough as nails undercover private investigator who will stop at nothing to find out the truth behind some mysterious deaths in The Blue Room, even when it goes beyond boundaries.
Going into the Blue Room is no easy task, and soon secrets are revealed, plots within are uncovered, and everything is twisted where nothing is as it appears.
The players from The Blue Room serial are back, along with a few new mysterious strangers...
This is an adult thriller with adult themes (it takes place at a Gentleman's Club of course) and recommended for 18 and up.
Blue Room Confidentials Vol. 1 By Kailin Gow - Cover
Blue Room Confidentials Vol. 2 by Kailin Gow
Kailin Gow is an international award-winning author, producer, woman director, and spokesperson for charities who hopes her stories will inspire women of all ages to become their most beautiful, independent, and happy self. Goodreads calls her an "Innovative Author" and "Author Influencer" during BEA 2014 where she was a speaker. Amazon profiled her on the homepage and also in their book, Transformations. She has written and published over 250 books under "Kailin Gow" and more under pen names since 2001, selling over 4 million books in multiple genres such as Thriller, YA, Fantasy, Sci Fi, Contemporary Romance, Erotica, New Adult, and Non-fiction in multiple languages. An indie publishing pioneer, she has written for and been quoted in Fast Company and Huffington Post as a publishing authority, and have appeared in the top radio shows as an authority on Women's image and self-esteem. USA Today recommends her steamy thrillers, while PBS Kids recommend her fantasy YA books. Internationally, she was featured on the front page of The World Journal, the largest Chinese-language newspaper outside of Asia, as an Author Phenomenon and been a speaker for Asian Week. Noted as a top bestselling author of YA and Contemporary Romance on CBS TV, she has won the Reader's Choice Nomination in Fantasy/Sci Fi from the ALA YALSA for her Bitter Frost Series, the Benjamin Franklin Silver Award for her Dystopian Thriller- The FADE Series, for Best in Class, and the Best in Erotica Award from the NIEA for The Protégé Series. Bitter Frost is in Production as a MMO Game, while her prequel book Mysterious Teacher for her paranormal thriller series, PULSE Vampire Series, is in pre-production as a film. In 2016, Kailin Gow will not only be in one but three television series. She is starring in the mockumentary comedy/drama tv series AUTHOR: A Parody, which will be streaming worldwide through Hulu, Roku, Amazon and more. She plays the dual roles of Sue Lin and S.L. Man. And she is hosting the travel and lifestyle show, Kailin Gow's Go Girl, which highlights locations from her series as well as the fascinating people she meets. Finally, she is hosting the tv series, KAILIN GOW: THE CRAZY ONES, a series where Kailin presents and analyze past and present day innovators who have disrupted business and society with their innovations.

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