Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Interview with Jennifer Raygoza

Today 's interview is with Jennifer Raygoza.  Been friends with this chick on FB for awhile now, but I'll be honest I haven't read her books.  Shame on me!  But my TBR list is so long I can't see the end or the beginning, so she is probably on there somewhere.
Jennifer is a writer of RomanceFantasyContemporary

 What was the last book you read?
What helps you stay motivated while you are writing?
Music and my husband asking me if I finished my book yet. LOL
What’s your favorite scene from your latest book?
It's from my book Nine. She's having a panic attack from a bad memory and Trig (her love interest) takes her hand and puts it to his chest. He makes her sync her breathing with his. It was beautiful part to write, to have someone in the midst of a break down and have this other person there to pull them out.
Do you require essentials items on your desk before you can write? A notebook? A cup of coffee? A furry companion?
My Yorkie is usually on my lap, and I have music on and a few snacks close by.
Apart from writing what other activities do you enjoy doing?
I love relaxing by a pool or beach if I can get there.
Tell us 5 interesting facts most readers wouldn’t know about you.
I have two sisters I've never met
 I have 7 dogs
 I used to have a terrible stutter until 5th grade.
I had a heart ablation surgery back in 2012 for skipped beats.
I have two kids born in the same month, 2 years apart.

Time for some quick fire questions!
Beach or mountains? Beach
ebook or print? Ebook
cake or cookies? Cake
do you have tatts or piercings? Yes. 5 Peircings and 1 tattoo
coffee or tea? Tea
Morning person or night owl? Morning
Summer or winter? Summer
Halloween, Christmas or Easter? Christmas

Amazon Author Page: http://amzn.to/2al0L3B


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