Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Alisa's Review: Lauren's Return by AL Parks


Kindle Edition
Published August 18th 2014

Eve has it all. Deeply in love, she has put her past behind her and embarked on a new career, a new home and a new life with Jake.
Jake finally accepts he can have it all: the love of his life, a future filled with happiness and a woman he trusts with his heart and soul by his side. The only thing he is missing is his thirteen-year-old daughter, Lauren.
But some things are just not meant to be. When Jake’s ex-wife, Monique, feels threatened – she strikes out – and her deadly venom falls on the one person Jake cannot live without.
Jake and Eve are once again in a fight to save their love. But is it enough? Sacrifices must be made, and hearts will be broke, when Lauren returns. 

This story is a bit darker than the first two in the series. More Drama, more crazy.
I loved getting more of Eve and Jake, as well as their friends. Also we learn more about Lauren, which is great. In this book we actually get to really meet Eve's daughter, Amber. I was thrilled about Amber visiting her mom and Jake.
This book had A LOT going on in it, but it works. I thought it was over at the half way point-I wasn't paying attention to the %- only to find that there was so much more to come! This book makes you think its much longer than it really is, but that is just awesome.
I can't wait for book 4!

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