Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Wicked Spell by Michelle Escamilla Blog Tour

Kindle Edition, 176 pages
Published September 19th 2014
Emma Blackwood thought normal life was anything but exciting, but that was until she learned about her past. Now, with all of her powers and knowledge about being a witch, life would be so much simpler being normal.

Once Emma learned that her Father was after her for her powers, Emma began to learn more about protecting herself. She had the help of people she didn’t even think she’d ever ask for help. But will that be enough?

Sebastian Blackwood was a very powerful man, but the day that his wife gave birth to his daughter, he realized that he had nothing. He was determined to take the powers he felt he was owed. He tried to take the powers from Emma when she was young, but failed.

Now he has found her and he will stop at nothing to win. Can Emma beat him once and for all or will hope be lost and Sebastian Blackwood take her powers away using his wicked spell?


Book 1- Dark Secret -
Book 2 – Wicked Spell -
Boxed Set:

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