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A Month in Savannah by Samantha Knight

A Month in Savannah
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Title: A Month in Savannah (Book #2 Savannah Series)
Author: Samantha Knight
Genre: Graphic Romance, Erotica
Published: Nov. 1st 2014


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"Torn between two lovers feeling like a fool, loving both of you is breaking all the rules"
-Mary MacGregor
Savannah Lynn had found peace with the past at last. She was dating one of the hottest bachelors in the United States and had a very promising career. She thought she had found everything she could ever want, but on the day of her college graduation her ex walked back into her life and completely consumed her every thought.

Savannah is stuck between two men she loves deeply and now she has a decision to make. Who's it going to be? The blue eyed, smart mouth who was always everything she needed or the green eyed millionaire who can give her everything she ever wanted.
Savannah is given a time and in thirty days she must decide. It's going to be a wild ride!

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About the Author:

Well there really isn't much to say about me. I am 26 years old and a mother to three. I decided to write as a place to vent and it's turned into so much more.
There isn't another word in the human language that I hate more than Good-bye. I rarely, if ever say it. It's too permanent. I don't throw the word LOVE around. If, and when I say it to someone I mean it, and I will forever no matter what they do or say to me. I trust to easy and I have a huge heart and that gets me hurt a lot.
I am pushed to do better by everyone who thinks I will never amount to anything. I have already proved them wrong and now I am proving it to myself. I live uncontrollably for the moment and take comfort in spontaneity. Make me laugh and you're my friend.
I want to inspire people and I want to be inspired.
My favorite quotes:
"From destruction comes creation. Beauty will rise from the ashes."
-Broken People, Scott Hildreth
"Stop looking and one day completely out of the blue life, will let it, find you."
-A Week in Savannah, Samantha Knight
"Remember, hurting is feeling and feeling is living, and isn't it good to be alive?"
-- Crashed, Kristy Bromberg

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Teasers & Excerpts: 18 + audience for sexual content and language

SJ Excerpt:

We ride to the hotel in silence. I am so mad for Sebastian being the way he has been since before we got on that flight. I don’t understand why he is refusing to kiss me, and it’s making me crazy. Then he had the nerve to practically flirt with that girl right in front of me. He reaches over to take my hand, but I slide away from him and face out the window.
“Savannah?” he questions. I don’t look at him or respond. So he tries again. “Savannah, baby, please. I am sorry if I upset you please just tell me what is wrong.” He pleads with me. I don’t budge. I just want to go back to the hotel change out of this dress and go to sleep. It’s been such a long day.
“Sebastian, I am hurt and exhausted. I just want to go back and sleep. We will talk about it tomorrow.” I snap at him. He huffs and slams himself back into the seat. I mumble about him acting like a five year old.
“Whatever,” he says flatly, and I watch his arms flex as he crosses them over his broad chest. My breath seizes in my throat for a second. I try to regain my upper hand but fail miserably when he looks over at me and winks.
“Asshat.” I grumble as he throws his head back in laughter. I can’t help but smile and end up joining him. When both of us are doubled over with tears in our eyes, he pulls me over to him and kisses me lightly on the temple.
“I love you Savannah, so fucking much. Sometimes it hurts to even breathe when you aren’t around. You are my life girl,” he says to me.
“I love you too,” I whisper back and snuggle into his arms. He is so warm, so comfortable. He’s home, and oh, how I missed it. We banter back and forth about the scenes we saw today and what we would like to do when the piercing sound of my phone alerts us to an incoming text. I reach down and retrieve it from my bag. A lump forms in my throat when I see it’s from Ezra.
Ezra Chambers: I miss you beautiful.
I know Sebastian saw it. I click the screen back to black and slip it into my bag.
        “Do you miss him?” he asks
        “Not right now.” I answer, and it’s true. It’s the first day since Ezra showed back up into my life that I haven’t thought about him. I don’t know if that scares me or thrills me. He doesn’t acknowledge my answer. As the car comes to a stop, he opens the door and takes my hand to help me from the car.
        Once we are back in the room, I change into a t-shirt and a pair of boy shorts. I leave the room and go in search of SJ.  I find him out on the balcony. He is wearing a pair of draw string black sweat pants that hang low on his hips, and he has yet another glass of whisky in his hand. I make my way quietly over to him and wrap my arms around his trim waist. I follow the contours of his stomach with my hands. In everything we have been through, the man still makes butterflies go berserk in my stomach.
        He takes a haggard breath then lifts his glass to take a sip. I glance at his profile, and a million thoughts are swimming in his eyes. I push on his hip to get him to turns towards me, and when his back is to the skyline, I crush him to me


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