Friday, November 21, 2014

Keystrokes by Lisa Marie Release Day



Farrow Connoley is a quiet, lonely book blogger with a weakness for Skittles candy and smut. The smut of choice is hard core, panty melting motorcycle club smut; full of dominant males in leather and covered in tattoos. A contest, by an online entertainment magazine, promises the winner exclusive behind the scenes opportunity as the sole blogger during the filming of the screen version of DIRTY. This is far too amazing for Farrow to pass up, considering the only man she has dream cast as the lead character, has actually been selected for the role. Kasen Wells is definitely the perfect match for the VP of the motorcycle club.

Kasen and Farrow begin a friendship full of teasing and jest, until one morning they realize that there may be something more. They soon realize that spaghetti dinners are awesome, and making out on the couch can take you back to your teen years. When Kasen takes Farrow home to Apex, he figures out exactly what he wants, and hopes that Farrow is at the same place until he learns of the new offer on the table from the Entertainment magazine. Will Farrow accept everything that Kasen offers, or will she chase a dream without consulting the man who wants to be her future?  

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About the Author:

Lisa Marie grew up in Alberta, Canada; where the winters are freezing and the summers have dive bombing mosquitos. Her wonderful husband and two young daughters inspire her daily. Her home is filled with laughter, chaos and My Little Pony. So. Many. Ponies.
Lisa was a graphic designer for almost ten years when she realized she needed to be more available to her family's needs as her youngest daughter was diagnosed with autism. After seeing the advances her own child has made with the support of Educational Assistants, she decided to pay it forward and other children in the exact same way and started working with special needs children.
Lisa literally began writing by accident, and is looking forward to sharing her first novel soon.
twitter: @canuckylisa

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