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Never Say Goodbye by Angie Merriam

Never Say Goodbye by Angie Merriam

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Sex legend. Rock God. Addict. Elijah Briston may have grown up the sweetheart next door but he was morphed into a music deity through a tragic turn of events. When he finally hits rock bottom of a soulless existence, the very thing that threw him into the pit will be the only thing worth climbing out for. What happens to a rock star when the ghosts of his past become the saviors of his future?

Never Say Goodbye Excerpt:

    I woke to a thunderous pounding in my head. Pound, pound, pound, over and over. What the fuck? The pounding was replaced by a female's voice, “Elijah, get your fucking ass out here. Now.” Shit, I thought. I rolled over in an attempt to get out of my bed. I tried to stand and felt my head swim. Nope, not standing yet. I sat on the edge of my bed, willing the spinning to go away. I felt a stir behind me and looked to see Bridgette, or was it Brittany? I couldn't remember and really didn't care. She was a lay, a good fucking lay, but that's all she was. Big titts, big ass, tiny waist, and blond hair ratted to the ceiling. I looked back at her and shuddered a little. Her pounds of make-up were smeared around her face and her big hair from the night before was a rat’s nest. She was way hotter when I was fucked up on booze and drugs. She was just another groupie. “Good morning handsome,” she said sleepily. I hated it when they tried to talk to me the next day, like I was suddenly their boyfriend. A few thought they could tame me but I showed them, rather quickly, that I was not worth taming. “Get the fuck up and out,” I ordered her as I lit my smoke and tried to adjust my eyes to the sunshine that threatened to fuck up my hangover. I didn't even turn to look at her. I felt her get off the bed and assumed she was putting her clothes back on. She came to stand in front of me, forcing me to look up at her. She looked pathetic and if I wasn't such a broken fucker I might have felt bad, but I was broken and I didn't give a shit. “Bye Brittany. It was fun right?” I tried but seconds later her hand skid across my cheek. “Fuck you Elijah Briston,” she said before she turned away and took off toward the door, which was still pounding and shrieking. “By the way, it's Candy you fuck head,” she spat before she flung the door open to face the person that had been assaulting my door. Candy, I thought, I was way fucking off. I laughed to myself and put my smoke out just as I heard Candy and my sister. “Good luck to you lady, he's a fucking dickhead.” I heard my sister break into laughter. “Yeah he is a dickhead but you're a whore now get the fuck out of here before I kick your sorry trollop ass.” I never understood why my sister, Elsie, was so bitchy to my many women. Protective I guess. I really didn't care. I was only good for one night. Elsie was good for getting them the fuck out when they decided they wanted more.      

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Author Bio:
Angie Merriam resides in the beautiful Pacific NorthWest and is happily married to her best friend. She and her husband have three wonderful children, a dog, and a fish. She is the author of the Neveah trilogy and is a featured author in Intertwine, an anthology featuring an array of writers and a variety of genres. She loves barbeque's with family and friends, photography, movies, music, and of course reading. She was influenced by the works of Diana Gabaldon, Stephanie Meyer, Nora Roberts, Danielle Steele, and J.K. Rowling. She currently writes romantic fantasy but looks forward to exploring other genre's. Contact her at:
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