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Blog Tour: Driving Me To Christmas by Julie Farrell

Driving Me to Christmas
Julie Farrell 
from the London Love Series book #5 
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Driving Me to Christmas (London Loves Series Book 5)

Warning: Contains steamy scenes galore, a trip to a swingers’ party, and smidgen of M/M loving!


All Samantha wants for Christmas is for her boyfriend, Verlaine, to propose. It’s what Verlaine wants too, but circumstances keep scuppering his plans for a romantic moment to get down on one knee.
When Verlaine’s ex-girlfriend pops back into their lives for Christmas in London, Sam tries to be nice. But the ex seems determined to stir things up between Sam and her future in-laws, as well as between Sam and her man. And apparently she’s not afraid to play dirty.
Follow Sam on a festive frolic, as she makes a stand for her man and ensures that, this year, all her Christmas wishes will come true.
Driving Me to Christmas will add spice to your stockings this holiday!

Candi's 5* Review:

Holy Smoking Christmas!!

All Verlaine wants to do is propose to his girlfriend Sam but just like everything else when it comes to them, nothing goes as planned. His ex Rebeca and her mother show up and try to reek havoc for them both. Will they succeed in breaking them up or will their love pull thru? Add Gemma, Paul and Scott to the mix and you have even more added fun and drama. I don't want to give anything away so just go one click now and read this book. Amazing job Julie Farrell.

About the other books in the series- 
Driving Me to You (London Loves Series Book 1)

Do You Love Steamy Romance?

*Warning: Contains explicit steamy sex, hot gay romance, and a bang up against a Bentley!
When Sam meets her sister’s sexy mechanic, Verlaine, she instantly falls for those gorgeous brown eyes and rugged charms. Soon a steamy romance begins! But unfortunately, there’s unfinished business between Sam and her ex-boyfriend, the charismatic billionaire, Marcus.
Sam’s sister, Gemma, knows that only Marcus can save her vintage-car business from bankruptcy, but Marcus is determined to win back Sam and save the day. He certainly won’t let the hired help muscle-in.
Will Sam choose the penniless new love or the wealthy ex? And how will she tame her childhood nemesis, the classic Bentley, to become the strong and powerful woman she’s always wanted to be?
Throw in some hot gay romance, and you’ve got an exciting joyride to rev you up and set you free!

Romancing the Real You (London Loves Series Book 2)

Do You Love Steamy Romance?

*Warning: Contains explicit sex, a hot male stripper, and the truth about psychics!

Eva is a sexy psychic who wants to be adored. She's shacked up with C-list celebrity, Victor Valentine, hoping to use his status to boost both their careers to superstardom.
Her delightful assistant and former stripper, Charlie, knows she's happiest when she's being the real Eva, and the friction sizzles between them in each steamy love scene! But Eva's plans involve deceiving her way to the top, which Charlie knows won't make her happy.
To make matters worse, sworn enemy, Max Richards, is a podcaster determined to expose Victor and Eva as fraudsters. His dream is to nail them live on TV.
Will Eva choose Victor, fame, and fortune; or Charlie, the man who wants to show her that it's better to be loved by one than adored by thousands?
Although part of a series, London Loves books do not need to be read in order.

Dancing Back to You (London Loves Series Book 3)

Do you love steamy romance?

*Warning: Contains gay sex, straight sex, and a foursome fantasy!
Sam adores her gorgeous boyfriend Verlaine; he’s a tough guy with a big heart. Their steamy sex-life sizzles in the bedroom, and outside the bedroom Verlaine is caring and courageous. He risked his life a year ago trying to save Sam’s ex from a house fire, but unfortunately he’s now paying the price with PTSD flashbacks and an edgy anxiousness.
Verlaine wants nothing more than to make dance-loving Sam happy, but his anxiety and two left feet make that difficult. When he succumbs to a split-second of poor judgment and ruins their night at a friend's wedding, Sam tries to understand, but they both know his self-doubting jealous streak could be as much to blame as his PTSD.
Can Verlaine dance his way back into Sam's life (and bed) and learn to cool his temper, before she gives up on him forever?
Contains steamy scenes a-plenty! The supporting cast includes a hot gay couple, a powerful woman with a lustful eye on Sam, and a sexy male stripper, who’s willing to teach Verlaine how to dance and how to romance his girl again.

Erotic Gaze: An M/M Steamy Romance Novella (London Loves Series Book 4)

Do You Love Steamy M/M Romance?

*Warning: Contains explicit hot gay sex. With erotic scenes throughout, this M/M romance is for ADULTS ONLY. Read at your own risk.*

Join Scott and Paul on this fun romp into voyeurism and passion.
Paul is a handsome entrepreneur who adores his artist husband Scott. They've always agreed to remain exclusive, but they’re starting to crave a bit more in their marriage than online porn and vanilla sex. Paul wonders what it would be like to be watched, thinking this could take their passion to a whole other level.
When Scott's favourite artist, Kate Jagger, falls for Paul, thinking he’s the man of her dreams, Scott needs to remind her that Paul belongs to him. Scott realises he can make his mark on his husband by offering Kate the chance to watch them for a one-time-only erotic performance, thus fulfilling Paul’s dreams of being watched and Kate’s dreams of watching two hot men!
Fun, romantic, and very very sexy!

 Driving Me to Christmas 
 -- Excerpt 

Driving Me to Christmas
She leaned forward and sucked the end of his cock again. Being watched sixty-nining with her man – while also watching Scott and Paul – was the most erotic thing she’d ever done and her pussy was straining with desire. She saw Scott thrusting his pelvis hard, plunging his cock deeper into Paul’s throat. Sam sucked hard on Verlaine’s cock as he delved his fingers inside. She was utterly taken by the pleasure and she realised she was ready to orgasm already.

from the other books 

Driving Me to You
Sam gripped each end of the tie like the reins of a horse, then she raised her eyes and studied his lips, gently parted. He was very kissable – very fuckable. He smiled into her eyes, making her heart squirm. He could easily reach out and embrace her from here, and Sam wondered whether he was attracted to her – she knew she was quite pretty. Her top lip twitched. She focused on wrapping the silky material into a half-Windsor knot – over, under, through… bind it around my wrists to hold me in place – I’m all yours!
She stood back, quivering inside. “There we are. How does it feel?
He smirked. “Like I’m being hung.”

Romancing the Real You

Charlie reached out and rubbed the suds into her breasts, fondling them for his pleasure and for hers, then he moved one hand down and slipped it between her thighs, caressing her tenderly with his fingers. His only desire now was to give her absolute pleasure. She gasped and grinned, letting him know he was doing the right thing. His inner body juddered.
He kissed her passionately. “I need to lick you.”
He dropped to his knees. Their position under the jet of steamy water kept their wet bodies warm, but Charlie knew he could get Eva much hotter than this. He ran his hands over her toned buttocks, sliding his fingers between her thighs, and tonguing her clit.

Dancing Back to You

The orgasm took her, and she let out a groan. The feel of her pussy gripping him tight shoved Verlaine over the edge and he came, too, losing himself in the moment and feeling the world spin joyfully around him. He thrust harder into her – once, twice, three times – feeling them merge together, as one. Then Verlaine started to land back to earth, but he realised Sam’s pussy was still contracting and pulling him inside. She was leaning back slightly now, so he studied her blissful expression. He was so in love with this beautiful woman. Sam breathed heavily and scrunched up her eyes as she slowly drifted back to reality. Then she opened her eyes and gazed at Verlaine. She burst into giggles, and he laughed, too.
He ran his hand through her damp hair and kissed her on the nose. “God, I love you!”

Erotic Gaze

Scott positioned himself firmly behind Paul, then spanked him a couple of times on the ass, making Paul groan hard. Before he could recover from that delight, Scott was rubbing his erection over Paul’s balls and thrusting his hips into him. Paul grabbed his own cock and absentmindedly jerked himself off, breathing deeply and bracing himself. Then he felt the head of Scott’s cock enter his rim. The ecstasy shot up his spine, almost pushing him off balance. He panted and tried to relax. Scott gently penetrated him further with the tip of his erection.
“Feels so good.” Scott whispered, grasping Paul’s buttocks with both hands and easing them apart.

About the Author -- 

From panic to published!

I write steamy romances that will make your heart pound hard and your thighs surge with desire! 

There was a time, not so long ago, when all I wanted was to stop my heart pounding hard and my mind surging with fear. You see, I suffered with panic attacks. The fear debilitated me on a daily basis, and the feelings of weakness undermined my self-esteem. This 'fear of fear' became so immense that there were times when I was scared to even go outside of my home. 

At those times, all I wanted to do was write, because my imaginary world of fiction provided a soothing escape from reality. The strong female characters I created allowed me to pretend everything was okay in my world. And the sexy men in my fictive imagination were protective, loving, and strong. 

I've never been someone to give up! Even at my lowest, I knew I could and would recover. Thanks to a great support network, a wonderful self-help book (The Panic Attacks Workbook by David Carbonell), and my own patient determination I experienced my last ever panic attack in January 2013. Then, in April 2014, I proved how strong I'd become by backpacking with a friend in the chaos and heat of India - something that had filled me with dread back when my fear was dominating my every waking breath. 

But nothing in this life is ever a waste. During the years when I was suffering from panic attacks, I learnt to write well! I honed my craft, and when I came out the other end, I was ready to self-publish, knowing that if I can cope with panic attacks and survive, then I can become a successful indie author too! My books are the products of this amazing journey that I've been on, and now I can't wait to find out what other delights await me, just around the corner!

Never give up on your dreams, and don't let the setbacks of today ruin your tomorrow! You can do it - just like I did!

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