Sunday, September 21, 2014

Waking the Phoenix by Lindsay Avalon


Waking the Phoenix
*** This is a continuation of Connor and Sha's story. Book 1, Breaking the Nexus, should be read first. ***
As two Realms collide, the world descends into chaos.
From the moment Sha Phoenix dropped into the middle of Detective Connor Flynn’s murder scene, he had known his life would never be the same. Following her claim to be a Sorceri from the Mythrian Realm, he had received a crash course in the impossible as they had struggled to stop a madman. Unfortunately, despite their efforts to stop the Nexus, a magical barrier separating the Mythrian and Human Realms, fractured. Magic and myth are spilling over into the Human Realm, plunging everything into turmoil.
Is their love strong enough to survive the flames of the phoenix?
When Sha vanished through a portal in the middle of battle, Connor did not hesitate to follow the woman he had claimed as his. Now in the Mythrian Realm, they join forces with the Sentinels, the guardians of the Realms, to protect the world they love. Will they be able to contain the evil taking control? Or will they perish in the flames of war?

A great continuation of the series.
Sha cracks me up sometimes, she gets distracted so easily-even in very dire times.  Luckily she has Connor to protect her.
I liked the strength of their relationship and how they continued to bond more throughout the story. 
We are learning more about what is happening in both realms since the Nexus has fallen.  Those poor people in Detroit, they just have no means to fight the creatures that have invaded their world.
I was happy with the few glaces we got of Ian and Brenna, I do hope we get more on them in the future!
I am still trying to figure out how Sha and Connor manged some of their sex scenes with what was going on.  How were they not to tired?  How did they find the time?  But I know, its fantasy and it all works.  These scenes were great, not to mention quite steamy.  
There is so much going on in this book, but its not overwhelming.  It all fits. I do like how we get to see some of the human realm as all this is happening.
There are lots of surprises in this story! Loved them all.  And I can't wait for more.
* I was given a copy by the author in exchange for an honest review. *

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