Saturday, May 7, 2016

Alisa's review: When Beauty Tamed the Beast (Fairy Tales #2) by Eloisa James

Mass Market Paperback372 pages
Published January 25th 2011 by Avon

Miss Linnet Berry Thrynne is a Beauty . . . Naturally, she's betrothed to a Beast.

Piers Yelverton, Earl of Marchant, lives in a castle in Wales where, it is rumored, his bad temper flays everyone he crosses. And rumor also has it that a wound has left the earl immune to the charms of any woman.

Linnet is not just any woman.

She is more than merely lovely: her wit and charm brought a prince to his knees. She estimates the earl will fall madly in love—in just two weeks.

Yet Linnet has no idea of the danger posed to her own heart by a man who may never love her in return.

If she decides to be very wicked indeed . . . what price will she pay for taming his wild heart?

Barnes and Noble:

I really didn't get "into" this book until about half way through.  Then it was amazing, and I was eager to read at any chance I got.
I feel that with most historical romance books, it takes forever for the story to really get rolling.  So please don't give up after the first chapter or two.
As the author states in her "author's notes" the main character is roughly based off the TV character Dr. House.  and she nailed it, you can really picture him only more handsome.
Linnet, well she was very conceited about her looks and that does come back to bite in the butt later in the book. 
Overall, a wonderful read.

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