Friday, May 6, 2016

Secrets of Submission by L.K. Shaw

A yearning to give up control…

After leaving a toxic relationship, Penny Stephens has spent the last several years rebuilding her self esteem. She’s learning to love her plus size body again. In her journey toward self discovery, Penny realizes what’s been missing from her intimate life: submission. But she doesn’t know the true meaning of the word. That is, until she meets him.

A desire to teach her all she needs…

Marcus Allen, an intense Dominant, is instantly attracted to the voluptuous auburn haired beauty. He is eager to show her how to embrace her submissive side. Relentless in his approach, he begins Penny’s education. He’ll spend his days and nights teaching her the secrets of submission.

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Excerpt Chapter 1

“Mmm, fresh meat,” a deep, gravelly voice spoke from my right. I turned in that direction. What I saw caused my breath to hitch, and I had to remind myself to keep breathing. Beside me stood the sexiest man I’d ever laid eyes on. He appeared slightly older than me and stood over six feet tall with broad shoulders tapering to a narrow waist wearing blue jeans and a tight navy t-shirt that accentuated his muscular chest and arms. The flecks of gray in his wavy, dark brown hair glinted in the sunlight. I became lost in the soul reaching forest green eyes that roved over me from head to toe pausing slightly at my lips. Unconsciously I licked them, causing his nostrils to flare and a flash of arousal to light up his eyes. My face heated as a blush spread across my cheeks and my eyes automatically dropped away from his intense stare. His full, sensuous lips were quirked up into a half smile, and I had to stop myself from running my tongue up his square jaw lined with the perfect amount of scruff. “I wonder how far down that blush goes, and what it would take to let me find out.” I almost turned around to make sure no one stood behind me. I mean, completely fuckable men like him had no interest in short, overweight women like me. Don’t get me wrong, I reluctantly accepted this body with all its bumps, rolls, stretch marks, and cellulite. I tried to actually love and completely embrace it, but with my track record, I had yet to meet a man this irresistible show an interest, a sexual interest anyway, in me. It made me wonder what thoughts ran through his head as he admired me. I had my long, wavy, slightly reddish brown hair gathered in a top ponytail, a belly, and wide hips. From the look in his eyes though, he wanted to eat me alive. My body temperature spiked and I shivered despite the warm weather. “I’m Marcus by the way. Whom do I have the pleasure of meeting?” “Pe-Penny,” I stuttered, almost breathlessly as I sensed my blush spreading further south onto my chest. I really needed to get it together. I’d never blushed this much before in my life. I needed the confidence I showed the world, even as unreal as it happened to be. Fake it til you make it was my mantra. Marcus leaned closer as he stepped slightly inside my personal space, his mouth and mint-scented breath rasping along my ear, “What brings you out to play with us today?” Subconsciously standing a little taller, but not able to look him fully in the eyes, I began gaining the confidence I typically displayed as a nurse working with chauvinistic surgeons. I told him about my interest in learning more about BDSM and the lifestyle. I wanted to find a neutral place to meet people and gain, if not friends, then at least acquaintances, and definitely knowledge. “Knowledge about what?” Marcus asked, showing true interest. I wanted to know everything. I wanted to know the sensation of give up control, how to please someone, and be pleased in return. I wanted to be dominated, to discover why I couldn’t find someone who wanted that happily ever after with me that I constantly read about. Sadly, I didn’t know how to express any of this. My shoulders shrugged as I settled on, “Whatever someone will teach me.” “Sweetness,” he cooed, “I’d be happy to teach you anything you want to know.

Author Bio:

LK Shaw lives in South Carolina with her highly spoiled and extremely needy beagle-mix pup. She began reading at an early age and devoured as many books as she could. Her favorite authors as a young teen were Christopher Pike and RL Stine. During the summer between her junior and senior years of high school, she ran out of books and asked her mom to loan her one of her “stupid romances”, and then she regretted ever calling them stupid. Because from that first book, she was hooked and hasn’t stopped reading them since. At one time, she owned over 1000 romance novels. Some of her favorite historical romance authors include Christi Caldwell, Courtney Milan, Mary Balogh, and Tessa Dare. Some of her favorite contemporary romance authors include Julia Sykes, Ella Dominguez, Skye Callahan, and Meghan March.

LK loves to interact with readers so be sure to contact her on any of her social media links below.

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