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Close Love by Zoe Adams

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Close Love by Zoe Adams

Genre: Billionaire Romance, Western Romance

Release: December 8, 2015

Publisher: Limitless Publishing

Book Blitz: May 23, 2016

 Lady runs away until she meets Del. Together, they find out where loving her leads.  

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Del lifted his black cowboy hat. “Good evening, ma’am.” She sputtered nervously, “What? Who says stuff like that anymore?” “Del Ericson.” He put his hand out in greeting. The woman took his hand and tilted her head. “I’m Lady, umm.” “Lady Umm?” Del tried to figure her out. “Is Lady your real name or a title?” “I don’t know.” She put her nose down and fumbled with the gas door. Lady’s tone of voice matched the distraught look in her eyes. Del thought he saw something deeper. She had a frozen smile attached to a poker face. Her expression got longer as she straightened to meet him. “The gas station is closed, but you can still get gas. It accepts credit cards at night. I’m sure you’ll be fine.” Del gave a reassuring smile and began to turn away. “Oh no.” Lady’s composure went to panicky tears. “Oh no.” She repeated herself sickly. Lady stomped a high heeled shoe on the concrete and it made a weak click. “Oh no.” She lifted her face to his. “I lose again.” Lady had a little temper. Del considered her a loss. Then those three little words melted any preconceived notion of being spoiled or rich. She had said she lost again. Those words drew Del’s interest back. “What did you lose?” he asked. “Anonymity. I lose to technology.” She humpffed and a piece of brown hair floated above her cheek. When the wayward strand settled, it fell somewhere indifferently. “I just can’t ever run away from my family. They will see my credit card and follow my every move.” She looked up at Del. Her eyes held a serious look of discomfort. But there was more to it than that, it was a hopeless look about belonging. She grimaced like she wasn’t sure if he was a better place for her to turn toward or not.

Review Quotes:

5 stars: Sexy, steamy and action packed! This book is a best seller in the making. The guys are hott, the writers writing great, and the plot interesting! By Cutting Muse Book Blog – Laura and Makayla Redmon
4 Stars: Fashion, Farming, and a whole lotta love. What will Lady do?
Love steam and so much more. Lady wanting to be free from her family finds the happiness she wants with a man she never expected to meet. Del a farmer, just out to get gas, comes home with more than he bargained and found the one thing that would make him happy.
Running isn't easy when you have others that want you and will do anything to have you. Enter billionaire Royce Blackwater. He promises her the world.
See exciting and filled with drama and passion this is the type of book you could curl up with and stay nice and toasty without the need of a fire.
Another hit for Zoe! - The Book Fairy Reviews

About the Author:

Zoe Adams currently resides in Hawaii. She was born to a big family in the center of North America. A family store gave a lot of human interaction and work experience from a very young age.
Her mother gave a love for books, paper, pens, and any other creative mediums. Her father instilled work ethic for making, repairing, or polishing things until they shine. There was a lot of competition in the large family and Zoe learned how to tell a good story with few words.
When not writing she manages vacation rentals in world renowned Lanikai Beach. She can be found on the beach or kayaking with her husband and partner of thirteen years. They have no children but are perfectly content to spoil a dog.

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