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Crewel Work (The Tapestry Series, #1) by Natalie Alder #CoverReveal #Giveaway


Book Title: Cover Reveals for The Tapestry Series (Books 1-4)
Author: Natalie Alder 
Genre: Contemporary Romance 
Release Date: October 11, 2015 
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Bridgeton Pass Farm runs on the shear muscle and dedication of its employees. And like the cowboys that run it, the race horse farm is rugged and powerful. Having been in the Becker family for generations, the farm is currently run by William Becker and his sons. When trouble begins to plague the family business the men of Bridgeton Pass Farm and their employees pull together and prove their passion for their work is as strong as their passion for love and life.
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Crewel Work, Book 1

“Audra, don’t.” J.P’s voice was sharp. He was on edge. He was afraid to look at her. He knew he’d have no control if he did. And he didn’t want to see her cry. Grabbing her upper arms, he pushed Audra against the wall. When he did, his left hand grazed her breast. They stood for a moment, neither moving. J.P. let his thumb trace the curve of her breast, then slide over her pebbled nipple.

A small moan escaped her. She arched her back, wanting to feel more. He swallowed hard. Silently, she begged for him to kiss her, touch her, anything. Her need and desire were evident.

Inwardly he hated himself for touching her so intimately and bringing them to this emotional place where they shouldn’t be. He closed his eyes, dropped his arms and left the tack room.

Trouble Looming, Book 2

With a hungry stare and sultry movement, Sara walked toward Cole from across the room. She dropped her eyes as she moved past him, then picked up his gaze again from over her shoulder as she walked toward the bedroom. The potency of her eroticism hung in the air. He unfolded his arms, uncrossed his ankles, pushed off the counter with his hip, and followed her into the bedroom. Her top lay on the floor at her feet, and she had shimmied out of her capri pants. He sat in the chair in the corner of her room to watch her finish undressing. Sara looked at him sitting relaxed in her reading chair with one ankle crossed over his other knee, his eyes heavily hooded and wearing a grin.

“Aren’t you going to play also?” she asked.

“Keep going. I’ll join you in a minute.”

A sexy smile crept across her face. She reached back, unhooked her bra and let it fall. Leaning forward she hooked her thumbs in the strings of her bikini underwear and pushed them down to step out of them. She pulled the sheets on her bed back.

“Wait,” Cole said and let his eyes move over her body completely. He stood and took the few steps across her room to her. He hadn’t imagined that she’d be as gorgeous as she was and her body took his breath away. With one finger he lifted her chin to look into her eyes.

“You are absolutely the most beautiful woman I’ve ever met.” He reached around with his hand on her lower back and pulled her to him. With his other hand he cupped the back of her head to bring her mouth to his. They kissed, tasting each other and exploring.

Woven Interests, Book 3

“Want to start a tab?”

“Sure, why not?”

“I don’t really give a damn whether you do or not, sonny. What’ll it be?”

James let a smirk escape after a brief moment of feeling insulted. “Start a tab for me.”

The bartender nodded and walked away. James brought his drink to his lips. The smell of gin and lime filled his senses as he took the first sip.

“Not a very likeable character now, is he?”

Holding his drink to his lips, he thought to gain recognition of the voice. Slowly, he lowered his glass and set it on the bar top before raising his eyes to see Remy standing next to him.

“May I?” He motioned to the bar stool in front of him.

Swallowing hard, James could only manage a small nod of approval. Remy looked so fucking hot. Maybe it was because he hadn’t seen him in a week, but James didn’t think so. The man was just simply gorgeous, no matter what. James watched as Remy maneuvered his body to sit on the stool. Grabbing a section of the material of his pants leg at his thigh, he hitched the pant leg up, giving himself more room in the crotch of his pants.

“What can I get ya’?” The gruff bartender had returned.

“Same,” Remy said, pointing to James’ drink. It was obvious to Remy that James was avoiding him, but Remy wasn’t having any of that. Life was short. His time in Carnegie was limited so following him out of town to Greenville to make his point was what he’d done.

“Put it on my tab,” James told the bartender. And to Remy he said, “May as well since he went through the trouble of setting one up for me.”

Remy smiled. James’ dick twitched and he cursed softly.


James looked at Remy questioningly.

“You cursed.” Placing his elbow on the bar and his head in his hand, Remy leaned forward, closer to James. From this position, he stared into James’ eyes and waited for James to reply.

Those piercing blue fucking eyes, James thought as he let himself get lost in them. Sensing the danger of allowing himself to do so, he answered Remy.

“You smiled.”

“My smile caused you to curse?” And still he sat smiling at James.

“No, my dick twitching because you smiled at me caused me to curse.”

The wet tip of Remy’s tongue came out and slid across his bottom lip. Neither broke eye contact. James could feel his jaw tighten in frustration. The bartender placed Remy’s drink in front him and walked away. Still without breaking eye contact, Remy picked up his drink and took a swallow.

“You fucker.” James’ jaw was still set hard.

Fringe Benefits, Book 4

“You have the most sensuous mouth. God, I love your lips.”

He kissed them fully to prove his point. Then picking up one of her many curls, he let the silky hair slip through his fingers.

“I’ve never seen red hair this stunning. It’s such a beautiful shade. And I love to touch it. It’s always so soft. Like your skin. Velvet.”

With the back of his hand, he ran it over her cheek before leaning down to run his lips over the soft skin there. At the same time he slid his hand under her T-shirt and began to fondle her breast. His breath hitched as he ran his hand gently over its curves, ending with pinching and pulling the nipple. Leslie’s lips parted and she squirmed a little from his touch.

“God, I love your tits.” His voice was heavy with lust.

Leslie helped to remove her T-shirt. William took in the sight of her gorgeous breasts for a moment, then began to mold each of them in his hand. Groaning, he had to have one in his mouth. Still cradling her, he shifted her up his lap so her nipple was level with his mouth. Settling his head comfortably on her chest, he placed as much of her left breast in his mouth as he could and held the rest in his right hand as he suckled happily.

Warmth from her belly shot to between her legs. She worked to steady her breathing that had become erratic with the almost overwhelming pleasurable sensations. Using his tongue, he pressed and flattened the nipple to the roof of his mouth and further down around the areola, creating a good amount of suction. Then he rolled his tongue in waves, alternating sucking and swallowing.

“Oh my God, William.”

He opened his eyes and looked up at her, never removing his mouth from her breast. Taking a deep breath, Leslie let her head fall back onto the sofa cushion behind her and began running her fingers through William’s hair as she looked down to watch him. He looked so peaceful, his head resting on her chest and his eyes closed. Tenderly he held her breast to his mouth. She watched as small indentations formed on his cheeks with each suckle. Watching the slight movement of her breast in reaction to each suckle gave her a warm feeling deep in her heart. She marveled at how comforting and relaxing it was to be like this with him. And apparently, he felt the same way because Leslie soon felt him stop suckling and heard the deep rhythm of his steady breathing as he slept still attached to her breast and with his hand still wrapped tenderly around it. Eventually, the breast fell from both his mouth and grasp.

Feeling him moving next to her, Leslie opened her eyes and looked at the clock to see that they had slept together like this on the sofa for the past hour. When she moved to get up from his lap he held tight to her hip. He nuzzled his face into her chest before looking up at her.

“Where are you going?”

“You must be so cramped having my heavy body on you.”

Tightening his arms around her, he kissed her hair. “Never.”

She kissed the top of his head.

“I’m sorry if that was uncomfortable for you.” William lifted his head to look her in the eyes.

“You mean the position we slept in?”

“No, I mean that I suckled you, and to the point where I fell asleep.” Fearing she would tell him that she was uncomfortable with him suckling her, he braced himself to be very embarrassed.

She grinned. “You fell asleep. That told me you were very comfortable.”

“I was. Leslie, I really enjoy suckling your breasts. I don’t know why.” His eyes widened when he said this. “I am just so drawn to your breasts. But, my concern is whether or not you’re uncomfortable with how much I like them, and specifically that I like to suckle them?” William couldn’t explain it. He needed her to let him suckle her.

“I guess when you think about it, it’s a bit odd. But honestly, I really enjoy it.”

“Really?” He was stunned and excited to hear her say she enjoyed it. “Is it the feelings, the sensations that you like?” He needed to know.

“Yes, it feels good. The rhythm of your sucking is calming. But it’s more than that. It’s something special that’s between you and me, very intimate and personal. And I love the look of peace that you get.”

William’s smile was wide. “I can’t tell you how happy this makes me to hear you say this. I thought you’d think I was crazy. I mean, I wondered whether or not I was some kind of crazy for liking it so much. It scared me even, because, I feel very close to you when we spend time like this together. I agree. It is something special that is ours only.”

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I write stories about romance. They center on learning about the characters backgrounds, personalities and life circumstances that mold them into who they are and how they love.

I am a sassy 40-something year old. I live in a quiet farming town in New England with my husband of seventeen years and our three rescued cats. After college I facilitated improvement in the physical abilities of children and the elderly then took the opportunity to enjoy my creative side. I love to sew, knit, write...sing and drink martinis (not necessarily at the same time).
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