Sunday, January 26, 2014

Review: Into the Unknown by Bethany Shaw

Published by Bethany Shaw (first published January 10th 2014)

Gene has taken on the role of alpha after the devastating loss of his father. A war is on the horizon and Gene is determined not to fail his pack. He makes an unlikely alliance with Natalia, the woman his enemy is hunting. The more time they spend together, the more Gene finds himself drawn to the sexy, mysterious, she-wolf.

Natalia has lost faith in her kind. After being rescued from her captors by Gene’s pack, she wants to take her son and run far away from everyone. But, she knows she wouldn’t get far with her psychotic family chasing her. She agrees to team up with Gene in an attempt to end her family’s tyranny. As they attempt to work together, she finds herself wondering if she can truly trust him, or will his betrayal be the greatest yet?

after putting down 'out of the shadows' I simply had to pick up "Into the Unknown" to find out what happens next. Ms. Shaw spins a story of werewolves that truly hang on to the belief of what is right and wrong and stand up for what they believe in and that's mainly you don't mess with family or the ones they love! The story isn't only about the lead characters Gene and Talia but she intertwines the backseat characters so they stand in the spotlight as well. I think that this is going to be a series that I will follow cause there is no shortage of love, hate, and betrayal. I was pleasantly pleased that Talia was a kick ass girl that didn't put up with crap and couldn't wait to see what she did next! AND I might add that the books simply flow into one another so you don't miss a beat. It is one ongoing story and it left me wondering if people got away, who was lost, and how soon Talia's uncle will meet his demise....well done Ms. Shaw! now where is #3