Saturday, January 18, 2014

Review: Tied Up in Heartstrings by Felicia Lynn

297 pages
Published September 2013 

About the Book

Tragedy ripped the security from her life. Left a single mother, Alexis's fear of loss insulates her from the rest of the world. Her best friends from college and close family are the only people she keeps close.

A man from her past has always been in love with Alexis. He’s never met anyone that measures up to her. Garrett is a musician, who never really imagined he’d have the fame and fortune that he's found. But, even with that, what he's always wanted is out of reach... or is it?

When Garrett and Alexis meet up by chance a relationship begins. Neither expected what happens. She can’t be sure she’s ready for the complications a relationship brings. He will have to work overtime to win her heart without any assurances it will be successful.

Alexis is learning about life without Jed, and is feeling more secure with parenting on her own. Garrett appreciates his fans and is enjoying his life on the road but misses having a private life. The lives they have built separately leave little room for a budding relationship, but their hearts won’t take that into consideration.

Will the cards they’ve been dealt get in the way of a love that is meant to be? Is love enough to overcome loss and heartbreak? Can they accept all that the other is, without feeling like they are living in the shadow of their former lives?

Candi's Review

This was such a beautiful book to read. I really enjoyed this book. Don't get me wrong, I am all for a book with a bunch of crazy drama but every once in a while its nice to just read a beautiful love story and this def hit the spot for me!!

My heart broke for Alexis from the start. Her best friend and husband Jed has just died in a plane accident leaving Alexis a widow with their 3 year old daughter Sierra alone. Fast forward 18 months and Alexis goes on a girls getaway with her BFF's from college to St. Petersburg Beach near Tampa where she runs into her college best friend and crush Garrett. (In college, Garrett had a huge crush on Alexis and her him but neither ever said anything. For Garrett, Alexis was "the girl" for him. Garrett ended up going to Nashville Tennessee and hitting it big time, he is now a country music singer.) Garrett is at the same resort because he is suppose to sing in his cousin's wedding. When they bump into each other at a bar one night during open mic night, they reconnect and hit if off from there.

I loved seeing Alexis and Garrett grow together and I loved the relationship between Garrett and Sierra. They were so sweet with each other. The song Garrett and Sierra wrote together was beautiful. I loved the epilogue. Alexis being the overprotective momma bear was so funny but I can completely understand where she is coming from :)

The secondary characters in this book were awesome!! They all showed such great support for Alexis. I kept getting several hints that her best friend Whitney and Garrett's band mate Jon were hooking up and keeping things hush hush so I am hoping that means there will be a book 2 on them!! I would def recommend this book to my friends and family!! <3 p="">