Saturday, January 25, 2014

Review: Once Broken by H. Anne Henry

Paperback, First, 288 pages
Published October 25th 2013 by CreateSpace


Demon hunter Remington 'Remi' Hart likes to think she’s seen a thing or two. That’s what happens when you live in a town like Dove Creek, where the supernatural world abounds and the townsfolk are willfully ignorant of it. But when the Triple Six show up -- flesh and blood human beings with powerful, superhuman abilities -- Remi and the rest of her allies, the Amasai, are thrown for a loop. Old and new enemies alike come at them head on, forcing the Amasai to recognize that they are outnumbered and outgunned. Before Dove Creek is overrun, they have to find a way to solve the mystery of the new dark power and quell its source.

During all of this, Remi is still coming to grips with the death of her husband three years ago, dealing with her barely understood feelings for the werewolf who saved her life, and flirting with the smoking hot cowboy of the Amasai who is currently pursuing her. Remi will set her personal feelings aside, though, when the bodies start piling up and her own family is threatened. What started out as a quest for vengeance soon becomes a fight for survival.

Wendy's Review:

This author grabs you with the first page and never lets go. It is a constant 'bam bam bam' of stuff going on in the book. And she doesn't just focus on just the main character Remi. You get to know ALL the characters and I love that in books. I must say that I loved the take on how vampires originate in this book. Remi is a well written lead character, the story line is strong and there's even a love twist (or two) in there to have you go "oh my!" When I read the last page I was ready to just pick up the next in this series, so now I can't wait till that comes out!! You will not be disappointed in this book, buy it!!