Friday, February 7, 2014

Love Is In The Air Blog Hop

I love Romance Books but:
 I really love to read my romance books but, I have a few complaints-things that I see over and over.

*My complaint is that the couples aren't always realistic. For example, when the couple is described they are like the perfect fit: same height and all that. What about us short girls? Hello!! Make a story be a little more real life where the girl is like 5ft-5'2" with a man who is at least 6'. I also just read a book where the girl was a bit bigger: I loved it, her man loved that she had curves. Now me I'm a 5' teenie tiny thing and my man is 6'2" huge muscle man. It may not seem perfect to everyone, but our fit is wonderful. I want a story like that, that the couple is not so "perfect".

*Its usually the first man the main female character meets that she ends up with.  Come on, give us a surprise and change up the routine!!!!

* Overuse of a word or phrase. A book I read very recently is way overboard on the word perfect. It’s like in every paragraph at least once, that or the word beautiful!

* I love a hot guy as much as the next girl but just once can’t we have a hero/main character not “perfect” or super hottie?  I mean we get books with larger size women as opposed to all supermodel heroines.  So why not make the hero a bit different.

*Some sex scenes are completely unrealistic.  I mean really, you have sex 6 times in maybe 8 hours. Really?  Realistically a couple might have sex 2-3 times a night.  And forget it if the heroine is a virgin, she is good for ONCE not all night long. 


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