Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Review: UnderWorld Champions (MC Outlaw Series #1) by Ella Stone

ebook, 200 pages
Published January 23rd 2014 

***CONTENT WARNING*** This book is NOT suitable for under 18s due to a ridiculous amount of sexual situations that just aren't cool to replicate if you're under age.

A Contemporary biker romance.

Maddie's life has always been hard. With an absent mother and a father who is beyond help. She's all on her own.

When her father carks it, she has no money, and some jerk with bad breath is always hovering around her to take advantage.

So she goes to the one person who owes her a favour - her mother. She's married to the president of the MC Outlaws. That's a motorcycle club. Maddie's never really been into that shit, but she doesn't have a choice. And surprisingly, she's going to come to rely on the Outlaws more than she ever expected.

Cole is one of those jackass guys who girls should keep away from at all costs. But he's hot, and Maddie finds she can't help herself. He's the club's VP, and so goddamned hot, he'd melt the panties off a nun.

She should run, she should stay as far away from her past as she can, but instead, she keeps running to that sexy biker, Cole.

Cole understands Maddie, you see - he's damaged too. Can these two tortured souls find a way to heal each other. Will Cole be her Champion?

Hollllly Hotnesssss!!!! This book was HOTTT, sex and all!! I am a sucker for a good biker book and this one did not disappoint!!

This story is told from Maddie's POV and from the start my heart broke for her. The story starts with the death of her mother and because of the life she has been forced to live (a mother addicted to drugs and has let her drug dealer basically have Maddie for his own since she was 13 and an absent father) she is not saddened by her death and feels guilty for it. She has no money and no place to go so she decides to go to her dad who is the president of the Outlaw Riders MC till she can get on her feet.

Once she gets to her dads, she meets Cole who is VP of the Outlaws...SWOON!!!! Everytime Maddie is around him or thinks of him her panties get soaked!! Cole has decided he wants Maddie for his own and he will stop at nothing till he makes it happen. I love Cole and Maddie together. They have the instant connection but I love the banter that goes on between the two. Finally, Maddie gives in and decides to be Cole's Ol' lady only to go back to her dads and be confronted by Liam (the drug dealer who now thinks he "Owns" her) He gives her a week to come back to him or he says all hell will break lose on her fathers club. To protect her father and the club she agrees and only has 5 days to return to Liam.

Will Maddie let her father and Cole in on the deal she has made? Will Cole find out before its to late and can he save Maddie?

I would def recommend this book to anyone who loves a good biker book!! Hoping we see more from this series

Ella is a twenty-something Australian author who has spent most of her life, living on the wrong side of the tracks, hanging around with the wrong kind of people. At the time, it was fun and dangerous. But now that she's cleaned herself up, and started a family, she's decided to write, using her past as the inspiration for the many tales she wants to share. 

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