Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Review: Destiny's Detour by Mari Brown

Published January 31st 2014 

Heading off to her first year of college, Destiny is ready to take on the world. On the college dance team with her best friend, Amy, all Destiny wants is to have fun, enjoy her college years, and spend time with her older brother, David.

Troy is captain of the football team, sexy, sweet and her brother's best friend. Practically a member of the family, Troy has always been off limits...until now.

One night together changes everything...

A childhood crush turns into more and Destiny has no choice but to grow up sooner than she planned. Will life’s unexpected detours derail her forever? Is there a happily ever after in the cards for Destiny and Troy?

Only time will tell

Once I started this book I could NOT put it down!! I think my kindle stayed glued to my hand all day :)

Destiny has just entered her freshman year of college and is on the school's dance team. Being the daughter of a retired NFL football player she has had a pretty great life. Destiny and her best friend Amy decide to be room-mates with her brother David and his best friend Troy (SWOOONNN)

After her first college party where she is drinking and playing a game of truth or dare she gets dared to kiss Troy. She can't get that kiss out of her head and the next thing she knows her and Troy end up in her room together and she wakes up the next morning realizing 2 things....she has a hangover and there is someone in her bed!!!

“I peek over my left shoulder to see just who owns the muscular arm thrown across my waist. My breath catches. It’s Troy Daniels, who just happens to be my Brother David’s best friend. OH SHIT! David is going to kill us!”

After pretending to be in a relationship and fighting their feelings for a while they finally decide to give the relationship a go.

"I want you, Destiny Williams, to be my one and only girlfriend. Think you can handle that?"

The relationship between Destiny and Troy is HOTTTT!!!! They can't keep their hands off each other!!

"I want you tonight. I miss that sexy body of yours underneath me. You're my drug, Destiny. I need my fix."

Soon though Destiny and Troy realize that life doesn't always go the way you plan and will sometimes take you on a detour. Will they stay strong enough to make it through? How will their family take it all in?

This was such a great, sweet read and I am still having a book hangover from it!! The secondary characters are awesome (well except for 2) My only complaint is I wanted more but that's just because I didn't want it to end :)

Great job Mari Brown!! I can't wait to read what you come up with next!!

 I have always loved reading and writing.  When I was in the fifth grade I became a published writer (okay so it was the school newspaper).  I spent the better part of my teen years writing stories for my friends.   Sometime between ages of 16 and 35 life happened and I stopped writing but I never stopped reading. It was only after my grandfather passed away in early 2012 that I decided to go for my dreams and write a novel and self-publish it.

I write under the pen name Mari Brown, which is just a play on my real name.  I am happily married to my own alpha/ former bad boy male, we have been together for 18 years.  We have a 17 year old daughter and two sons ages 15 and 14.  We have a busy family life but I am fortunate that my family is supportive of my dreams.  We live on the beautiful Gulf Coast of Alabama.

In addition to writing I am also owner of Keepin’ it Real Book Blog, and KRBB Tours and Promotions.  I love supporting other Indie authors through these endeavors.

*teaser and author bio are from author's website*

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