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Goodbye Girl by Scarlett Metal Blog Tour & Review

Goodbye Girl
By Scarlett Metal


Rachel met Clint in a diner one night while she was on the road trying to escape her past. From the moment they lay their eyes on each other, sparks fly. He offers her a job on his ranch and even though she's a city girl, she accepts.

It's not long before they give into their attraction and settle into life together on the ranch. They find happiness in each other's arms and Clint quickly wonders if Rachel is the girl that can give him his happily ever after.

Rachel's past eventually comes back to haunt her, and threatens her happiness with Clint. Can they work through their demons of the past and find their happily ever after? Or will Rachel leave Clint just like she fled her life before?
**Contains strong language and sexual situations. Intended for adults over 18**

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Review by Candi

After being on the road for hours running from her past and home in Buffalo New York, city girl Rachel finds herself in Wyoming tired and hungry. Stopping at a hotel and getting a room, she decides to get showered and changed and then go for food. Heading to the connecting diner she lays eyes on a sexy cowboy reading a newspaper and sparks fly!! She can't get her mind and body to stop thinking and wanting him even though she knows a relationship is the last thing she needs.

On Clint's way out of the diner, he stops to say hello to the beautiful new stranger in town. After seeing the bruise on her cheek, he has a sudden need to protect her. After asking her where she is headed and Rachel saying she is not sure, he offers her a job at his ranch.

After watching Clint walk out those diner doors in those sexy wranglers she just can't stop thinking about him. Tossing and turning she decides she will go to the ranch the next day and accept his job offer.

I loved Clint's family. His mother Mary "ma" and his sister Eliza instantly treat Rachel as family and loved her. Wyatt, Clint's younger sexy man-whore brother who doesn't sleep with the same chick twice is also a guy you can't help but love (thank goodness the last chapter is in his POV and you know you will get book 2 on him)

Things heat up quickly between Rachel and Clint and boyyy do some of those scenes burn your kindle!! It doesn't take long for either of them to see that its not just about the hottt sex between the two of them, there's a lot more. I loved the relationship between the two.

Soon though, trouble is on its way. Will it tear Rachel and Clint apart? How did it find Rachel anyway? Will Rachel be able to heal and get past it to get her HEA? You MUST read this book and find out!!!

I can't wait for book 2 on Wyatt. Can that sexy cowboy ever be tamed? And what about Eliza and Jackson? I know there is a story there as well and I can't wait for it!!


The way Rachel moved out on the dance floor had me wondering if she’d had some sort of formal dance training. She definitely had rhythm and the way she moved her body had me thinking about how she probably moved in bed. I was trying not to be so obvious in checking her out, but she’d caught me staring at her more than once.

As we were dancing and jumping around on the dance floor, one of the girls Wyatt had brought home the night before came up behind him. She wrapped her arms around his waist and pretty much stayed attached to him. The rest of us looked at each other smirking; Wyatt looked like he wanted to be anywhere but there. It served him right for messing with girls that way.

The music changed to a slow song and Jackson grabbed Eliza and wrapped his arms around her. What was up with that? They’d known each other forever, but as far as I knew, they were just friends. Eliza was always talking about having some rich billionaire whisk her away to the big city. She was just teasing; she had plans to stay and help run the family ranch with the rest of us. Still, she’d never mentioned anything about seeing Jackson. Maybe they were only being friendly, but the way he was holding her had me thinking there might be something more there.

Rachel and I stood there looking at each other. Should I ask her to dance?

“Want to dance?” she asked with a small smile. I was usually so confident and known for going after what I wanted.

“Sure,” I smiled at her and reached for her. I put my hands on her hips and tried not to shiver as she wrapped her arms around my neck and pressed her body into mine. Her tiny frame fit so perfectly against mine. I turned my head and could smell a hint of her floral shampoo. I wanted to take the ponytail out of her blond hair and run my fingers through it.

Her fingers teased the hair at the nape of my neck and my cock stirred between my legs. With her hands on my body and her breasts pressed against my chest, it wouldn't be long before my body would betray how much I wanted her.

My hands were on her hips but I moved them down her backside just slightly. God I wanted to reach down and squeeze her perfect round ass. I leaned down and buried my head in her neck, my lips touching her skin. She tensed briefly and I wondered if I’d gone too far, but she soon relaxed again in my arms.

My hips brushed against hers and there was no way she could miss feeling my erection this time but she didn't move away; instead she seemed to press her body harder into mine. Good Lord this woman was going to be the death of me.

Meet the Author

Scarlett lives in the Midwest with her sexy husband, two girls, and three furbabies.  She dabbled in writing right after college but it wasn't until she took up blogging eight years ago that she started writing seriously.  After writing a few boring service pieces for some online publications, she went back to her true passion, fiction.  When she’s not busy writing steamy stories, she can be found with her nose in a book, camping, or geocaching with her family.  She loves Diet Coke, Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, and 80’s hair bands.
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