Sunday, February 9, 2014

ARC Review: Five Weeks in December by Blue Kincaid

ebook, 154 pages
Expected publication: January 31st 2014 

Two years ago tragedy took Harry Everett's confidence as a man and as a Dom. And while he's managed to continue to live his life, what he hasn't been able to do is venture back into the lifestyle that used to be as much a part of him as breathing. The trust he once had in his instincts is broken and for the first time in his life, this alpha man is lost and without answers. So when a friend suggests perhaps a professional submissive could help him, Harry's reluctantly willing to try. He doesn't hold out much hope, though. Until she shows up on his doorstep and turns everything upside down.

A professional submissive for the past seven years, December doesn't belong to any one master. And she likes it that way. But when her best friend’s Dom asks December to help his friend, she can't resist the chance to really do some good. Here's a man who doesn't just want someone to flog - he needs what she can provide and December is determined to help. She's prepared for this to be tough, but what she's not prepared for is how Harry makes her feel. It’s obvious from the beginning that he’s not like any other client and this is not just a job – for either of them.

She’s got five weeks to help him heal.

He’s got five weeks to learn how to keep her… or how to let her go

I received Five Weeks in December as an ARC through NetGalley.

Five Weeks in December is a BDSM novel staring December, the submissive, and Harry, the dominant. December is a professional submissive. She lives in LA but travels pretty much anywhere in the world to work with dominants that pay her for her submission. Harry is a broken man, who has spent the past two years trying to get over a loss so great he feels like he has no hope. Harry has given up everything. He doesn’t go into the playroom, he doesn’t visit his BDSM club, and he doesn’t do anything for his BDSM lifestyle anymore. Can December fix what is broken in Harry? Can Harry allow December into his home and into his arms? What will happen in the 5 weeks December is supposed to spend with Harry? Will December allow herself to fall for a client?

I really enjoyed Five Weeks in December. It had a different plot line than any other BDSM novel I have read, and trust that I have read a lot of them. The scenes between December and Harry very beautiful, not dark like some I have read. Harry was a very good Dom, and December was an excellent submissive.

I found that there could have been a bit more information on each of their backstories, but what was there is understandable. There was very little drama, but is this book I didn’t want drama.

I recommend this novel to anyone who likes to read novels containing light BDSM.

I look forward to the next book in the series.

Thanks to NetGalley and the author for the ARC for my honest review

 Author, fetishist, foodie, wife, smartass, unapologetic debaucher.


Blue grew up in the Wild West, the rebellious, stereotypical middle child. She still is! Rebellious that is. Blue's anything but stereotypical. She knew early on that not only was writing her passion - it was also the thing she wanted to devote her life to.

Blue’s books are, at their core, romantic BDSM – focusing not just on the kink and fetish proclivities of the Lifestyle (though that’s there too!), but also on the deep trust, love and powerful romance that such bonds inspire.

She currently lives in the nation’s capital with her partner of 7 years and two super adorable cats - all three are incredibly sweet rescues. Just kidding. One of the cats is an asshole.

When not writing (which is hardly ever) she devours documentaries about anything and everything, no matter how obscure, and obsesses over all things Food Network and The Walking Dead (well, really she just likes to look at Norman Reedus)

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