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Review: Beneath Our Faults by Charity Ferrell

Kindle Edition
Published February 19th 2014
"I didn't pull the trigger but I could have stopped the bullet from hitting him."

Daisy Mara had the picture perfect life until a shot rang through the air and shattered her world into pieces. Unable to cope with her loss, she's forced to move thousands of miles away. The last thing she expects to find when arriving in her new home is her neighbor, naked and in a very compromising situation.

Keegan Montgomery never had to answer to anyone for anything. His life consisted of partying and frequenting as many beds as he could throw himself into. But under his bad boy facade, he is facing his own internal demons.

Daisy will never love another.
Keegan knows he'll never love anyone - ever.
But their attraction is undeniable.

Can the tragic ending of a first love end up being the beginning of another?

 I received this book as an ARC from the author and I freaking LOVED it!!! Once I started this book I could NOT put it down!!

Daisy and Tanner have just started their senior year and have their whole life planned out with each other. Graduate high school, get married, have happily ever after. Suddenly, it is all ripped away by one of the worst tragedy's imaginable. Daisy is crushed, she can't move on, how will she do it without him? She closes herself off from everyone including her best friend and Tanner's twin sister Tessa. 5 months after losing Tanner, her parents have tried everything to help her with no success so they decide to send Daisy to Atlanta to stay with her aunt. She leaves her home in Indiana without a word to anyone, including Tessa. Her first night there she goes out on the balcony to relax a little and gets the surprise of her life when she meets her new sexy neighbor Keegan (HOLLLY SWOOOONN)

Keegan has slept with so many girls even he can't tell you how many. He also doesn't do relationships and he makes sure he is up front about that fact before hooking up with anyone. Seeing that beautiful girl on his neighbors balcony has him curious and he must know more about her. Will Daisy be able to change Keegan's bad boy ways?

The next morning while heading out to go to school Keegan offers to give Daisy a ride. This will be the start of something great. I loved the friendship that bloomed between Keegan and Daisy. There was so many moments that had me laughing my butt off at the two of them. Keegan is so sweet and patient with Daisy, he melts my heart!!

Will Keegan be able to break the walls that Daisy has built inside herself and help her heal? Will she allow Keegan into her heart and love again? I can't keep going on about this book without giving away any spoilers so I will just say you have GOT to read this book!!! I am recommending it to everyone. I am still on such a huge book hangover from it. The only thing that could have made this book better for me was an epilogue but that is only to get a glimpse in the future to see what Daisy is up to.

I loved the dual POV and I loved the secondary characters in this book, well except for Piper and I'm sure you'll feel the same but you have to have at least one bad girl right? What are you waiting for.....Go one click this book NOW!!! :)

Charity Ferrell
 Charity Ferrell was born and raised in Indianapolis, Indiana and still resides there with her future hubby, two Yorkies (who run the house), and cat. When she's not writing, you can find her reading, spending time with her crazy family or watching too much TV.

You can interact and find more information at:
twitter: charity_ferrell
instagram: charityferrell

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