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ARC Review: Toxic (Lights of Peril #3) by AC Bextor

Expected publication: March 20th 2014

Told through Shame’s point of view, the final installment of the Lights of Peril MC takes place on the ‘implied’ wedding day.

Shame is plagued with doubts surrounding his love for Mace. He loves her. He’s loved her since she was five years old, but feels he doesn’t deserve her. This uncertainty is surfacing while struggling to forget the loss of his tragic childhood.

“What if the trigger has already been set and I’m going to wake up one day and realize I’m my parent’s son in their way of evil? The thought sickens me. I’m no good without Mace. I never have been. She’s the one person in my life I would refuse to live without. If I ever treated her and Ryder like my father treated my mother and I, it would make for an easy decision. I would kill myself.”

Shame’s childhood wasn’t filled with happiness and love. It was heart wrenching, and abusive. Used by his father and resented by his mother, a young Neil struggles through his days waiting for an escape; a savior.

“As he seethes his anger onto me I feel the spit from his words land on my face and in it I smell his whiskey and coke coming down like rain over my blissful day. I’m working for them now. I’m nine and I’ve just been interviewed and hired for my very first job… running drugs.”

Once meeting Doc, Lynda, Mace, Hem, and Sadey - his life changes from desolate to hopeful.

“At just five years old, she found her way into my heart and loved me in a way I never thought I could be loved. All that was before I ever even knew I needed her. “

Throughout the story you learn why Shame has become the person that he is. Intense, raw, powerful, and most of all – protective of those he loves the most. In the end he finds himself surrounded by everything he had ever hoped for.

“The storms I waited out were violent and unstable, but once finding them I found the unconditional love that I’d ached for in my search for them. It’s in this moment, among the sounds of monitors and babies crying and the feel of Mace in my arms, holding me tight, just as she always had, that I realize - I am finally well and truly home.”

 OMG, let me just start off by saying I didn't think I could love Shame anymore than I already did after the first 2 books but boy was I wrong!!! AC Bextor, I freaking love your face (haha)

This whole book is told in Shame's POV and I LOVED it!!!! On the day Shame and Mace are to get married his past decides to haunt him causing him to question himself where Mace is concerned. Even though I knew from books 1 and 2 that Shame and Mace got their HEA this book still kept me on the edge of my seat wondering if Shame was going to show up to marry Mace.

I am not a fan of books that have flashbacks into the past but this book was so different for me because it helped me connect with and understand Shame so much more!!

Shame had a horrible childhood thanks to his no good sorry parents. His dad was such a cruel as*hole and I just did not understand his mother at all. She seemed to just hold so much resentment for Shame bc of the life she was being forced to live. He never knew what it felt to be loved until he met Doc, Lynda and Hem. I loved seeing more of Doc and Lynda in this book. Lynda was such a great mother figure for Shame and I loved the relationship they all had together. Just when it seems all is going well for Shame because he has Hem and Lynda, his as*hole of a dad decides to move tearing them apart but Shame promises he will be back.

When Shame decides to take off and go home again this is where you meet the two adorable 5 year olds, Mace and Sadey. These two had my lmbo in so many parts it wasn't funny. I loved how Mace drove Shame up a wall with her nonstop talking and questioning. As Mace and Sadey grow into young women, you see how the boys feeling eventually change towards them but how hard they fight it off. I know to some that part may be weird but nothing ever happens until they are of age. To me it works out because I feel you get the whole background story which makes you understand how much Mace really did change Shame's life for the better. She made him want to be a better man and I couldn't see the two of them with anyone else.

As much as I did not want this book to end, the ending to me, was perfect. I'm crossing my fingers that AC writes a book on Ace and that he will eventually get his HEA. Maybe in his book we could still get a little more on Shame, Mace, Hem and Sadey (hint hint) Again, AC you ROCK and I thank you so much for allowing me to read and review your books. I can't wait to see what else you come up with in the future!! <3 span="">

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