Sunday, May 18, 2014

Armored Heart:Swamp Magic Series by Bobbi Romans

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Blurb:Grace and Damien, two new lovers only wanted to escape for a romantic Valentine's Day on the beach. Pina Colada's by tropical waters by day and champagne and strawberries in hot tubs by night. Explore their fledgling love and just maybe finally put a name to it. Boyfriend, girlfriend? Or perhaps something more. 

One attack from an old enemy later and their small private charter plane is plunging into the Gulf of Mexico. 

Stranded on a deserted island, unsure of when help might arrive, should have made them wary. Would have for most people. Instead, they discover the seclusion needed for wild nights hot enough to penetrate even the most beastly of hearts. 

Will survival on the island tear them apart or pull them closer then either imagined possible?

 What can I say? Life's nutty and we're all just winging it. But who else do you know that has CrawDads getting Jiggy?

Current favorite shows? Am a Trubie through and through! From the Charlaine Harris novels to the HBO Series. Another "Guilty Pleasure" is Showtimes "Gigolos".

Yeah, I'm quirky...there's just no getting around it!

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