Friday, May 23, 2014

Sales & Deals

How about some new books for the long weekend, or summer reading?  Here are some books at great prices.
Most of these are either 99 cents or free,  Some are  $2.99 but not many.

99 cents                                    99 cents                              $2.99                                 $2.99                                   99 cents

Free!                                         $1.99                                  99 cents                             Free!                                     99 cents

99 cents                                    99 cents                            99 cents                                   99 cents                  $1.99

Free                                         Free                                         99 cents                        99 cents                               $1.99

Free!                                           Free!                                 Free!                                 Free!                                    99cents

I hope this is enough to get you started for the summer!  (All prices current at time of posting, prices may change)
*Check out our Facebook Page, we are having a Flash Giveaway to win your choice of a $1.99 ebook of your choice.
* Also don't forget about our YA Author Spotlight and Giveaway!! To enter, click  Here.

Have a wonderful & safe Memorial Day

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