Sunday, April 17, 2016

Alisa's Review: The Bear King's Captive by Milly Taiden

Kindle Edition403 pages
Published March 31st 2016 by Latin Goddess Press Inc

Leah Tomson has been on the run since she was a kid. Every day is a struggle to stay alive. Now turning thirty, she wonders why she’s still here. When her path crosses with a boy who’s sucked into her world, she's got someone else depending on her for the first time. She won't let him down. When she finds them trapped by a mercenary and his crew, death is imminent. She knows she’ll fail a child, again. 
Commander Hannes 'Otso' Otila just finished a mission and is on his way home when his trip is disrupted by an unexpected cargo of the curvy, mouthy, and sassy type. With this luscious woman comes a boy and a lot of problems that drive him bat shit crazy. But instead of letting them go, his biggest desire, and that of his polar bear, is to keep her forever. He'll happily hold her his captive and if the moment comes, give his life for her. 
A big-time drug lord wants Leah dead, and it's up to Hannes and Leah to keep her and the boy alive. That's turning out to be harder than either anticipated when his second-in-command turns on him. While Hannes protects Leah from danger, protecting his own heart from her is a lot more difficult. The burning need to have her pushes his control, but is she worth the chance of another broken heart? Hannes is about to realize that no matter what he decides, his bear made a choice: Leah is his and no amount of internal struggle will change the animal's mind. 

Reader's Note: *Includes bonus first chapter of The Bear King's Revenge (Book 2 of the Bear King Series). 
Get ready for action, adventure and enough sexual tension to make your toes curl and want to get your partner naked. This is unlike any book you have ever read by Milly Taiden.

Wow! A totally different side of Milly Taiden! 

I loved this book, this was more suspenseful then anything she has ever written. Not as much romance and very little smut, but still just as awesome as her other work.  You will be instantly hooked!
I loved the instant connection Leah had with Ivan, and how she protected him. 
Leah, was extremely tough but then again she had to be. Ivan was like the comic relief that was definitely needed in this book.
Hannes, was a mystery throughout the book. So glad to see a change in him at the end.
Can't wait for more!

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