Sunday, April 24, 2016

Angela's Review: Scattered Pieces by Allie Able

Kindle Edition232 pages
Published December 1st 2015

When Summer Foster finally escapes her abusive husband, she moves to the quaint coastal town of Cape Isle, South Carolina. Summer tries to face her fears and put the scattered pieces of her soul back together, but what will happen when her past collides with her future? 

Summer has always wanted to own a bakery. When the opportunity presents itself, for her to start over in Cape Isle, that is the first step she takes in rebuilding her life. For months, she is content to sit back and watch life pass her by, while she lives in the shadows. She had made up her mind to never get into a relationship again. Everything was going according to plan, until she met Grant Hamilton. 
Grant is recently discharged from the military, after serving for ten years in the Marines. Grant has never thought of settling down, but a chance encounter with Summer, has made him rethink his future. When Grant gets a job doing the renovations on Summer's house, they begin to spend more time together and they can't deny the gravitational pull they feel towards each other. 

Will Grant be the one to help Summer pick up her scattered pieces or will it all fall apart, when Summer's past comes back to haunt her?

Barnes and Noble:

I loved reading Summer and Grant's journey. This book had me feeling sadness, anger (Ryan made me want to do bodily harm), compassion, love, and healing. I love reading about abuse victims getting an amazing HEA. There were some typos and grammar problems along the way but for me it didn't take away from the story. Great Kindle Unlimited choice. I look forward to Nick and Katie's story.

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