Thursday, April 7, 2016

Angela's Review: Dared by Kristina Borden

Kindle Edition1186 pages
Published February 2016 by Kristina Borden


I am Damien Cole. Manager of Dallas’ Top Tattoo Shop “The Boneyard.”
I play the game by my own set of rules. I discard women left and right.
Their only purpose is to cater to my sexual appetite. No woman will ever
tame my bad boy ways. I am at the top of my game.

I am Summer Montgomery. My face has graced magazine covers all across the world. My looks will deceive you. I am a bad girl with a smart ass mouth and the attitude to back it up. Playing with me is like playing with fire. I will consume
you and swallow you whole.

When faced with temptation, which of these two badasses will fall first?

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Damien and Summer have a complicated relationship. They have a past but can they get over their problems to have a future? I love how Summer didn't back down but I hate that she had a tendency to run every single time things got heavy. I didn't like Damien's need to fulfill his sexual frustration over Summer with disposable women, even when Summer was around.

This book was enjoyable for the most part. There were parts of the book plot that were frustrating but due to possible spoilers I will refrain from going into details. It was a good Kindle Unlimited read

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