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Black Roses by Samantha Christy

Black Roses Release Blitz

Book 3 in The Mitchell Sisters Series
By Samantha Christy

Piper Mitchell
April 25th was the day I was born.
It was also the day I died.
Blood was still rushing through my veins. Oxygen was still saturating my cells. But for all intents and purposes, I ceased to be among the living.
Going back to New York for my sister's wedding was a mistake, but I made her a promise.
It would be a quick trip. Show up, say the right words, then I'd be gone. This time for good.
I didn't think anyone could understand what was taken from me that fateful day.
Not until I met him.

Mason Lawrence
I threw a football in front of eighty thousand people.
Mingling with the rich and famous was just another part of my job.
Nothing made me nervous.
Not until she walked off that plane and into my life.
She was broken. Shattered by some event she kept hidden under lock and key. The clues on her body failed to reveal her secrets--unlike the clues on my body that clearly publicized mine.
The clock was ticking, giving me only a few short months to uncover the true meaning of the flower branded into her flesh. Because if she got back on that plane, I knew it would be forever.

Note to reader: This book can be read as a standalone novel. It is the third book in a series that follows three sisters.
Due to adult language and sexual situations, this book is intended for mature audiences.


She strains her neck, peeking back at me before looking at the ground and shaking her head. “Why are you going through so much trouble, Mason? You know I leave in a few months. If you’re ready to date again, there are so many other girls. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I had a great time tonight and I really appreciate your efforts, but what do you expect to get out of all of this?”
“What do I expect?” I try to reign in my anger, wondering what another man must have expected from her to cause her to become so bitter. “I don’t expect anything, Piper. I like being around you. This feeling I get when you’re near me—I like it. I want it for as long as I can get it. No strings. No expectations.”
“But why here?” she asks. “Why did you bring me to the top of the Empire State building?”
“I wanted you to see something.” I turn her body and tilt her chin up towards the horizon. “I know you grew up not far from here, and I’m sure you’ve been up here before. But my bet is you’ve never taken the time to see this.”
Silence drapes us once again as we watch the sun while it sets, turning the sky from blue to purple to orange, with streaks of light dancing through the clouds, making their silver linings glow. We quietly observe the yellow ball being swallowed up by the building to the west.
At some point, however, I stopped watching the sky and started watching her. Shivers visibly move down her body when she becomes aware of my stare.
I slowly turn her around to face me and I rub my hands up and down her arms, feeling every hair stand on end at the pass of my fingertips. “Every day is a new beginning, Piper. When the sun sets, it takes all the bad shit with it, wiping the slate clean. It took me a long time to learn that.” I put my wrist in front of her, revealing the scar that spans across it—a reminder of what I’ve lost—a reminder of what I didn’t.

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 About the Author
Samantha Christy enjoys life under the warm Florida sun with her husband and four incredible children. In 2014, she wrote her first book, a lifelong dream that somehow always managed to get placed on the back burner. Since then, she has led the surreal life of an indie author, writing new adult and contemporary romance novels with differing levels of heat. If you like 'clean' romance, try Abstract Love, a life-affirming tale of two young adults facing their mortality--a top finalist for the 2015 National Excellence in Romance Fiction Award. If you are more into scorching heat, angst, desire, and second chances--pick up the first in her 'sisters' series, Purple Orchids. Samantha loves to interact with readers so please look her up on social media.

 See where The Mitchell Series all started!! 

 Purple Orchids Book 1 in The Mitchell Sisters

One day . . . one moment . . . one letter. One lie.
That's all it took to change the course of our lives.

Gavin McBride
She blindsided me. Broke me. Shredded me.
And now she's back, thinking I did the very same thing to her.
When I reach out to her, I get more than I bargained for. Much more.
There's nothing to forgive. But I need her to forgive me.
There's no way to go back. But I need us to move forward.

Baylor Mitchell
I found a way to survive.
Without him. Without us. Without the future he promised.
I never hid from him. I didn't know I had anything to hide.
Until he threatened everything I knew to be true.
When he came back and I found out it was all a lie.

We need to accept the past.
We have to learn to trust in the future.
We must risk our hearts once more.
If we want any chance at reclaiming a love that never died . . . on that one day . . . in that one moment . . . with that one lie.

Note to reader: This book is a standalone novel. It is the first book in a series that follows three sisters.


It takes me all of two-point-five seconds to turn the tables on her. I grab her and flip her underneath me in one movement. We stay like this and stare at each other as our chests heave while we continue to catch our breath. I look down at her incredible eyes with the myriad of colors that are now reflecting the blue sky. Her hair is slightly matted with sweat and her shirt is now dirty with grass clippings. She’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.
Fuck the plan.
I lean down to her slowly and put my weight on my elbows while my hands come up to grasp the sides of her face. She blushes and bites her lip. As I draw closer, her gaze moves from my eyes to my mouth. Her tongue comes out to swipe across her lips in anticipation of what I’m about to do. Because I am about to kiss her. There is no way in hell I’m not going to kiss this girl.
When my lips meet hers, it’s fucking Christmas and I’m unwrapping the biggest, best present under the tree. Her lips are soft and I let mine rest against them for a few seconds just so I can get my mind around this. I want to imprint this moment in my memory so I’ll never forget it. I start to move my lips around on hers, first kissing the corners of her mouth, then kissing her top lip and finally, I take her bottom lip between mine and gently suck on it.
She lets out a tiny groan that comes from deep inside her throat and I’m instantly hard. She parts her lips for me and our tongues fall into this synchronized dance that has me wondering if we have done this before and I merely forgot. It seems natural, accustomed . . . familiar.
She brings her hands up and runs them first along my back, then my shoulders. Then she runs her fingers through my hair and I know right now, right this second, that I never want another girl to put her hands in my hair. Just her. Just Baylor Christine Mitchell.
I reluctantly pull my lips away from hers when my voice of reason tells me we might get arrested if we don’t stop this. We are still breathing heavily; even more-so now than when we were playing soccer. I smile down at her. She smiles back at me. I finally find some words. “Will you go on a date with me, Baylor Mitchell?” I ask. “Tonight?”

 White Lilies Book 2 in The Mitchell Sisters

Fate . . . Faith . . . Family.

Skylar Mitchell didn't believe in any of them.
She never wanted a real boyfriend. She never wanted her own kid.
When she watched her sister get destroyed by the man she loved, she vowed it wouldn't happen to her.
Don't fall in love.
Don't become attached.
Don't let yourself feel.
Easy, right?

Griffin and Erin Pearce had the perfect life. With the perfect house. And the perfect jobs.
What they didn't have was the perfect baby.
Skylar never counted on meeting Erin.
She never imagined finding this wonderful best friend who would change the way she looked at the world.
And she certainly never dreamed of falling in love with her best friend's husband.
Especially while being their surrogate.
She also never counted on fate ripping everything away from her.

A story about unconditional love, heartbreaking loss, and undying friendship.

Note to reader: This book is a standalone novel. It is the second book in a series that follows three sisters. Due to adult language and sexual situations, it is intended for mature audiences.


 I vehemently shake my head at the man. “No, we’re not together. He’s married.” Foam finger guy raises a questioning brow. “To my best friend,” I add. He shakes his head and chuckles as he puts his hands up in defeat and leans back into his seat.
I open my mouth to explain, but Griffin puts a gentle hand on my knee and shakes his head. I know what he’s telling me. It’s not worth trying to explain to the stranger. Our situation is complicated. How it must look to other people can be confusing. Just wait until the pregnancy is showing—we’ll really start to turn heads then. I roll my eyes, silently agreeing with Griffin. He removes his hand from my knee and I’m all too aware of just how much I miss it.

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